And now, a brief moment in which we brag...and also catch our breath.

Well, I did it. 

And it was just about as much fun as taking a dose of medicine every day -- the kind you have to plug your nose to swallow.  

Although I would have preferred Ovaltine, 
unfortunately my doctor prescribed hard work.  Ick.

But when things are really hard, that's when we can assume they must be good for us, right? And I think it was.  (Especially now that it's in the rear-view mirror.)

When I set out to do a drawing every day 
(you can see them all here) . . .

I thought that surely by the end of the year, I would no longer be terrified of drawing.  Because, for one thing, I thought I would get better at it.  Not so.  I don't really think any progress was made in either of those areas.  Still a draw-o-phobe, still drawing-impaired.  Hmmmm.

Where I did make progress is in my inking skills.  And I learned a few things about my own ability/inability to draw.  For one thing, I can almost always improve a drawing by inking it.  Because when I can see where the line shouldn't go (the one I drew 13 times with the pencil that still looks wonky) I can, for some reason, often fix it in one swoop with the pen.

And I am really just an illustrator of ideas.  Observational drawing holds no interest at all for me.  I know . . . I should probably be sentenced to an additional year.

Maira Kalman's job is pretty safe for now.  I have learned that my dreams of creating a blog like hers would still involve far too much drawing for me.  But self-knowledge is valuable, right?

Several people have asked me what I'm going to do for my next challenge.  Right now I'm pretty busy being glad I don't have to smack my forehead at 10:30 every night and say, "DANG IT.  I STILL HAVE TO DO A DRAWING."  Soon I'm sure this phase will pass, and I'll be thinking about that question myself.  And I'm pretty sure it's going to involve writing.  But we'll see.
Mostly, I hope that next time 
a few of you will come along!  

I'd love to hear about YOUR 365 Creativity Challenge.  Having just successfully completed my second, I'm pretty sold on the value of setting your mind to do something that requires you to flip that switch, if only for a moment every day.  Even when it's REALLY, REALLY HARD AND YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT.

(...and I don't have to today!  Because I'm done!  At least for a minute! Yahoo.)  

Totally worth it, btw.  
In case you're confused about that.

(Small Works will return next Wednesday, June 13 -- going to take another little jaunt this weekend through Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah en-route to Phoenix in order to get a vehicle out there.  Jealous?  Yeah, I know.)


luanne said...

"Maira Kalman's job is pretty safe for now."

My first laugh out loud in quite awhile! Thanks, I needed that. (And Maira, please note the "for now" part.)

Having embarked and already failed at my own daily challenge (I do cheat sometimes), I congratulate you on completing your mission. And thanks for the many smiles it generated for your audience along the way.

How long will you be in PHX? Let me know if there's a window of opportunity...

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, LuAnne! I will be in PHX for a matter of hours -- I fly home Tuesday, and there is 36 hours of driving between now and then...*yawn

But I'LL BE BACK! Can't wait until we get together. I'll keep you posted.

And it's never too late to start over -- a new year starts every day. Just sayin :)

Leenie said...

CONGRATS on finishing the drawing challenge. I tried and failed and I stand in awe of your accomplishment.

May the selling of the house not become a 365 challenge! I so want you to find a nest in a warm sunny place and relax there. Crossing my fingers and my eyes for you.

Allie said...

Congratulations!!! You did it! I enjoyed watching. And I think you're selling yourself a bit short - I did see some improvement, but mostly noticed that you seemed to be drawing out more of your own wonderful style. You have a very distinct style Susan, it's what I love about your art.

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