When we try 
to pick out anything by itself, 
we find it hitched 
to everything else in the universe.

-- John Muir

Chelsea turned me on to this quote while we were having lunch today, and I just loved it! 

It offers plenty of food for thought . . . 
so many idea paths to pursue, 
from physics to spirituality to ecology 
and on and on.  

What would be nice to know is, are the things I'm doing today impacting everyone and everything else to which I am hitched?  And if so, how?

Sort of the ultimate good question!  

And an interesting one to consider, especially at a time when I am existing in a life fermata of sorts:  occupied daily by the mindless, big-picture insignificance of things like keeping my house clean for showings, but also considering many options for reinventing my course when my journey resumes.

I should take it as a welcome pause.  They don't come often in life.  And I'll be forced to leap soon enough. But I do so love it when I hear something or read something or see something that gets my attention and causes me to look around at where I am and see it in a new light.

Thanks, Chelsea and John Muir, for the bit of Wednesday wisdom.  Please feel free to come up with something good for Thursday as well!  Because I can use all the help I can get.


Leenie said...

At least you seem to be in a place where you are stacking the dominoes in your favor and not kicking at them.

Breathe, breathe.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, Leenie. Actually, I do a fair amount of kicking. I'm going to add your advice to my toolbox and try breathing for a change...

Allie said...

Love the quote! Mine for today, can't remember who said it.....

Sometimes I sits and thinks. Sometimes I just sits....

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