Yup. She's still here.

It's a big house for just one little person.

I didn't think I would be living here alone for very long, but the way things are looking, I may well be lighting my sparklers in Minnesota.  I only hope I don't see the kiddies going back to school here too!  And let's not even talk about the possibility of raking the same leaves as last year . . .

In addition to being too big, it's pretty boring here, too.

White bread indeed.

Is boredom anything less 
than the sense of one's faculties slowly dying?

-- Arthur Helps

My own fault, of course.

Although being without the freedom to make a mess is a bit of an inhibitor.  Yesterday my realtor hosted a broker's open house and the only improvement suggested (by another agent) was that we might "thin out the hobby room downstairs." 

There are so many things I hated about that sentence, it's hard to choose just one.


To cope, today I had lunch with my copy of American Craft Magazine, just to reassure myself that someone, somewhere was doing something worthwhile.  And I found a quote I loved from a 93 year old enamel artist.  She said this:

With a limited time to live, 
there's a decision to make every day -- 
what to spend it on, what to create.

-- June Schwarcz

Aha!  The trick is to not wait until one is 93 to come to that important realization!  After all, we all have a limited time to live.  EVEN WHEN IT SEEMS WE MIGHT BE HERE IN THIS HOUSE FOREVER....but I digress.

So here's a word of advice from 
everyone's good friend, Shel Silverstein . . . 


Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble-gumble song,
Whistle through your comb.
Do a loony-goony dance
'Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain't been there before.

Thanks, Uncle Shel! And I'm going to try to save my ebbing faculties by doing just that...if I can think of something I can do without messing up my desk.  Maybe that dancing in the kitchen thing......?

Happy what's-left-of-Wednesday!


VO said...

A HOBBY room? Obviously that person has no imagination of what a creative room looks like and how it might actually sell the house to someone who can see the potential for creating!

I hope that person comes along soon for you!

Amelia Poll said...

It's unfortunate you couldn't have located your studio somewhere off-site so that you could go work there during the day, and have it as messy as you need it while not worrying about dirtying the house.

A hobby room. *pfft* Whatever.

We're praying for you!! Sell that house!!

John Beck said...

Well, opinions are like Real Estate Agents. Everybody's got one . . . . you know what I'm saying. Do a little crazy dance and sing out loud to any tune that grabs you, it will pass and it will sell. . . . light candles at bedtime and let them burn all night long. It may not sell the house faster but it's pretty. Fresh flowers. Chocolate at bedtime works quite well too. All good things. Tschuess!

Leenie said...

"Thin out the hobby room"---ack.
My condolences for such obtuse and disrespectful comments to your studio.

Yes, dancing in the kitchen is a fine way to bring a little joy to the surface. I've done it often. Even a poem,"Dally Dancer" posted here:


Good to know you appreciate Silverstein.

Allie said...

Hobby room. Oh the injustice....

Susan...got a big suitcase? Make a mess, and if you need to, throw it all in the suitcase for the moments someone is tramping through your house. I Could Not Live without creating every day. I would have to find a big box or suitcase where I could put all the bits and bobs I was working on. Even when I'm drawing, I create quite a mess of papers, pencils and erasers, and they would get thrown in there too.

I was very sorry to read about mama bird in your last post. I have read Annie Lamott, and enjoyed her books. She has a way of getting in your head and resonating.

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