First World Problems.


Yes, virtually ALL of mine.  
At least I know it.  
And I'm not proud of it. 

It's been a busy week around here -- it's a big house to get ready to sell (see title, above).

Today we tackled our closet.  And I'm speechless.


But here's what ended up on the bedroom floor:

the "to go" pile

It looked particularly impressive....or depressing....in the back of the pickup:

I hope none of the neighbors saw that. 

Part of the problem is being a woman and needing a wardrobe in several different sizes.  (And yes, unfortunately I use them all during the course of a normal year.) 

Another part of the problem is that I'm a sentimental fool who can't throw anything away.

"I wore that the time we ____________ when Lindsay (who is now almost 30) was three! I can't give THAT away!"

You can pretty much fill in the blank with anything.

The third part of the problem is I'm really really cheap so I have clothes for about 15 years before I even start to think about getting rid of them. And they're often clothes I bought at Walmart to begin with.

It all adds up.

Of course, in my NEW life it's going to be much simpler.  My closet will be spacious!  My clothing choices will be limited to a few, well-chosen items of good quality from which I can pull together a handful of chic outfits that can take me wherever I need to go. I will hang them evenly spaced, with good air circulation, and sorted by color. I won't ever need to clean out my closet again, because I will practice the "one thing in, one thing out" rule.  In fact, everything I've ever heard about organization on daytime television is going to finally kick in.

It will be a whole new me!

But of course you knew that. 

(Happy Friday)


Allie said...

Holy cow - that is one impressive pile - good luck with the new you, I keep hoping the new me will kick in but she's been elusive so far...

Leenie said...

Toss the stuff and keep the memories. Very good advice. Problem is the memories stick so tight to the stuff. Hope your lighter self feels the freedom without too much of the regret.

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