I sat down to sew a button 
on a shirt for Russ the other day --

(Note: It was neither a pink button nor a pink shirt...but I came across this dandy little bit of found-wonderfulness while FINALLY cutting apart a bag of old wool clothes that I've been tripping over for about 15 years.  Moving makes you do things you might otherwise never do.)

and realized I have not picked up a needle since the middle of February.  THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY!

There's something very wrong with that.

I believe there was an audible sigh as I made the first pass through the cloth...I miss sewing.  But then, I have missed a lot of things.

On the other hand . . . I missed a lot of things while I was busy sewing whimsical wool pictures for 9 years too -- that's been MORE than evident in the past few months as I've been taking my well-earned *gulp* medicine working on this house.

And the end is in sight!  The sign will appear on the lawn later this week, the listing should go live on Monday.  Ready or not!  (And we're not. But I've never missed a show yet...)

So I fear I may continue to neglect you for the rest of the week.
You are not, however, Dear Reader, the only object of my neglect.

My real-life family and friends?  Neglected.

Personal grooming?  Neglected -- on both legs, and all 20 nails.

Health and fitness?  The spare tire tells the story.

Perry Mason?  Sorely neglected. Haven't fallen asleep to one in months. 


I'll have very little to do but vacuum my just-vacuumed carpet.  I won't be able to sit down anywhere in my own house.  There will be no using the kitchen, or anything else.  If I could figure out how to shower at the convenience store I probably would. Even Cooper is getting the boot for a few weeks so that I can mop every 10 minutes instead of every 5.

So it will probably just be me on my computer pestering you no end and waiting for the phone to ring.

CAN'T WAIT??!!  Me neither.

(Miss you all dreadfully 
and hope you're Tuesday-rrific!)



Allie said...

Hahaha - oh Susan you crack me up - no, you never miss a show, you'll do fine, lol! Egads the thought of moving is enough to bring on a coronary.

Shantel said...

This made me laugh. I dont want you to move- but I will pray the best for your family.

Leenie said...

Miss you too! But very, very best wishes in finding someone in a very short time to love your house and pay you a great price. Just put up a tent in the yard and pretend you're camping. Showers are probably overrated along with manicures and leg maintenance.

luanne said...

Six years ago I was in your same in-between spot, completely worn out & feeling like I couldn't actually live in my own house, and it sure wasn't fun. I hope you get a buyer quickly so you can get yourself out here for the summer sizzle and some field trips! Meanwhile, stitch a small work about real-estate he** to remind yourself of this fun!

susan m hinckley said...

Excellent idea, LuAnne! Maybe that will be next week....

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