Sunday Scribble

image by Manu Pombrol


does this sound fair
to present only one side
of a complicated story?

yet all I have to tell
is what I witnessed, things
I heard, my thoughts

true but slanted
light through the slats
my half-opened blind, all this

I can offer and call it
the facts, bits and pieces
of the only truth, I know

no more than what I could see
from where I was sitting
and I could not shift

position, with nowhere to be
but where they put me
there I was


Must be time for The Mag!  
Click over now to find out 
what else was going on 
in that busy little jar...
(and add a tale of your own)


thingy said...

Many sides, even in a jar.

What a pretty blog. : )

Laurie Kolp said...

I can see what you mean. = )

Little Nell said...

That's what comes of only peeping through the slats. We should open the shutters for the bigger picture.

Tess Kincaid said...

No shifting positions here...that's for sure...

Leenie said...

Well said. Even when we have creative minds and great imagination we can only know what we witness.

The photo is a little disturbing and very thought provoking. It looks like the guy living in the glass house needs some rocks to throw and may have needed a bathroom. At least he has a book.

Brian Miller said...

with no where to be but where they put me....my perspective...a bit trapped...an intersting take you took on the pic though...

Kathe W. said...

one persons perspective
can be anothers lie

Berowne said...

You brought some light through the slats - well done.

Helen said...

.. with nowhere to be but where they put me .. I'm reminded of my four day jury duty stint a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Another little gem! Don't know how you do this, but I'm glad you do.

Jinksy said...

That is an interesting concept to ponder... :)

Kutamun said...

Great concept, reality is so much bigger than we imagine, i suppose, from our individual and unique perspectives in the quantum field , thanks.

~T~ said...

Nice perspective on perspective!

Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for him that he can't shift positions. what happens when he gets cramps?

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