Sunday Scribble.


image by Sarolta Ban

She Said

there may as well be neon
lights, the curve of brow
tells all, billboard eyes
so loud they yell
message received, yet not
a word was spoken, sometimes
this feels so big and I
am too close, I
can only crane my neck
a vain attempt
to take it in, all at once


Love, love, love this image!  
How could I resist manufacturing
a little drama to go with? 

Click on over to  
and see the story
through different eyes . . .



Leenie said...

Up close and personal in a bad way. Good thing those big giant humongous enormous billboards use all the latest beauty products and mouthwash.

Brian Miller said...

oh yeah, the message is loud and clear...careful with the neck though, might wake up with a nasty crick you know...smiles.

may said...

might wake up with a nasty crick you know...smiles.looking forward to all the good things your blog shares.


Wander said...

thanks for your share good poem!



Allie said...

Love the pic and poem!!!

Jinksy said...

billboard eyes
Are exactly right - well done.

Jinksy said...

P.S. how about turning off the double word verification to help us busy comment writers?

susan m hinckley said...

I don't have a setting for double word-verification to my knowledge -- I'll check on it! Thanks for letting me know.

Sue said...

I love this image, too. And you did it justice.


Tess Kincaid said...

The curve of the brow tells so much...

Trellissimo said...

The odd thing is, those brows don't curve at all - that's why they look so menacing, I think...

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