"I like the word 'indolence'. It makes my laziness seem classy." -- Bern Williams

Good grief. 
Friday already?

I think most of the week passed by while I was napping.  Or actually awake, but thinking about napping.  Or asleep, but pretending to be awake.

Anyway . . . it seems I missed it.

I felt a little like I'd been "rode hard and put away wet," in Bonanza-speak --

or if you're more familiar with kitchens than stables,

like someone had used a brillo-pad on every part of my life just a tad too aggressively. And I was sore.

So on Tuesday 
I declared it to be
"National Be Nice to Me Week" -- 

and my equally-worn-out booth hand and I commenced a regimen of all-things-self-indulgent. 

Many episodes of Mad Men 
and a whole lot of melted cheese later . . .

yes, it's hot dogs, pork-n-beans and Velveeta . . . yum! 
I think taste buds were invented after the 1950's

I awoke this morning to find that I finally felt a little more like my usual self -- in fact, almost human!

And it's about time.  Although I'm sorry to declare an end to my self-proclaimed week of pampering, I've got a lot to do, including (but not limited to) cleaning up the mess that somehow appeared in the studio during the pre-show frenzy.

And! . . .  There are also some big changes afoot in Hinckleyville . . . . capital "B"  BIG. Further details will be coming soon, but rest assured that Susan has finished lolling around the TV room for awhile and is going to be busy, busier, busiest!

(Just as soon as I finish digesting the enormous plate of cheese enchiladas I had for lunch. Okay, to be completely honest I must describe my holiday as almost over)

Happy, Happy Weekend, 
One and All! 



Allie said...

Hey, I want a National Be Nice To Me Week too!! I think that's a great idea!! Can't wait to hear your big news!

Amelia Poll said...

:D Yay for big news!!

I think everyone deserves a week of pampering, especially after all the work that goes into a show. They also deserve a week of pampering after having a sick, puking child, who insisted on being held every time he felt the urge to throw up. I'm just saying...

Leenie said...

The best way to finish off a "Be Nice to Me Week" is a long lazy weekend. Looking forward to hearing about your BIG changes.

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