Wednesday Woes.

Good morning!

Good morning! Have you any news?!

I do, but I have been advised that I am not 
at liberty to share it....until next week.

Hmmm....well then.  
Any less "prickly" topics we can discuss?


Let's talk about getting new windows.  
In Minnesota.  
The first week of March.

Go ahead and ask why.

Why would she be so dumb?

I can tell you that I did not exactly arrive at this moment by choice.  We started the process last August.  It seemed like an okay idea, because we were assured the windows would be in before October.   Missed that deadline, and missed it big. Then I had to talk hard and fast to get them to wait until March.  First they were pushing for December...then January...then February.  So that's how we got here.  The fine art of compromise. Because the window folks thought they'd be great for Christmas, and I would have been much happier with June.

As I type, an entire wall of my family room is missing.  Also one in my master bedroom.  And one in the kitchen is going to come out next . . .

Brrrr.  Plain and simple. 
(Day 2, and we're about halfway)

Cooper has also had enough fun.  

He has not specifically complained about the cold,
but he'd like his kingdom back . . .


As would I.

My husband went to San Francisco for the week to work (eat fine Chinese food?), leaving me to be the foreman of this event.  Although he felt terribly guilty about it . . .


Let's just say we've been down this road before --

There have been 30 years of suspiciously-timed business trips, actually. And I'm not the first woman in the family to be in this position.  There's the unforgettable childhood moment when my mother called my father in a panic because the basement had flooded, and he said, "What do you want me to do about it from BOSTON?!" (He has since regretted that statement, btw.  About a million times.)

And going back further, I've heard reports that once my distraught grandmother was actually clinging to my grandfather's leg as he dragged her across the kitchen floor toward the door, saying,  "Got a busload of people waiting!  Gotta go!"

It's okay. I'm not bitter.  A little cold, but not bitter.  Okay, -- furious, numb with cold, crazed by the continual buzzing and pounding...but not bitter.

And he will make it up to me. 

(I may be getting new windows 
in the winter in MN, but I'm not stupid.) 



Amelia Poll said...

Grandpa gave Justin the advice to never say "what would you like me to do about it?" based on the Boston experience. The funny thing was, Justin had already said those exact words to me when he was on a business trip and the car was acting up. (I was only informing him that something had happened, not asking for help...)

Hopefully the rest of the window install goes quickly!!

Leenie said...

I'm hoping the big news will soon be forthcoming. And I hope it is exciting and good.

I feel you pain of delayed and unfulfilled promises by those who carry hammers and wrenches. I've so been there.

Also I know about dealing with those decisions and messes while the guys have other fish to fry. There was that time when we had a three car concrete driveway poured while everyone of scouting age was gone for a week. The contractor told me the space needed to be leveled out more. Dirt moves real slow one wheelbarrow at a time.

Hope you and Cooper get your kingdom back soon and better than before.

Allie said...

Heehee - love your cactus - we got our windows in December, WHAT a mistake, and yes we froze. We also had 2 small children who left finger marks for posterity in the soft caulk. Some windows still whistle from where those marks went so deep, the cracks show. You'd think someone [such as my former window-installer HUSBAND] would have re-caulked....

Can't wait to hear your big news!

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