Here's the thing.

We need to talk.

I'm pretty lazy, by and large.  
At night, it often goes something like this:

Susan: (from her comfy chair) You know, we should paint the woodwork in this house.  White woodwork would make me really like this house.  It would make a whole lot of difference in my daily happiness.

Russ: (from his comfy chair) Yeah, white woodwork would be a world of improvement.  You're right.  We should do that.  Someday.

Susan:  What shall we do now?  Let's watch Perry Mason.

Russ:  Great.  What season are we on?  Season six?  Again?  Awesome.  I'll fire it up.

Susan:  Thanks, honey.  Because I'm pretty comfortable in this comfy chair.

That's pretty much any night of the week at this house.  Although sometimes it's Mad Men or Glee or even Mary Tyler Moore.

Anyway, the point is, it's never painting woodwork.

Until one day....we got a WILD idea.  We were ordering new windows for the house due to some hail damage.  New windows for the whole house!  Exciting, right?  It was.  In fact, it was so exciting, we decided to order white.  Because it would FINALLY FORCE US TO PAINT THE DARN WOODWORK.  It was a big step.  In fact, I'm not sure I could have done it.  Russ finally took a deep breath and placed the order while I was hiding out in the deserts of Southern Utah when I ran away from home last fall.  And from my vantage point there (in a different comfy chair), it sounded like a GREAT IDEA.

Cue ominous music.....

enter CORPORATE MOVE, stage left.

Yeah, between the ordering the windows and the painting of the woodwork, Russ decided to take a new job.  It was cause for celebration!  Except.....

4000 sq. ft. of painting to be done.  Because when you put some spanking white enamel on the woodwork, it's a little like moving your old sofa to your new house -- you notice just how RATTY your old sofa looks.  Everything in the house needed to be painted.  From the baseboards on up.

Doesn't it make you angry to do all that work 
to sell to someone else? 

This is the question I have been asked continuously since I first put on my paint clothes nearly 3 weeks ago.

Of course it does.  ANGRY AT MYSELF.  And a little angry at Perry Mason, for being so gosh-darned entertaining, even all these years later.

It's going slowly....but coming surely. 

However -- we're still living in this:

There's a dining room table in there somewhere...

But no worries, because no one's going to be cooking anything anytime soon!

(And don't expect to be entertained in the living room either. )

And we will be in this mess for awhile yet....because new carpet comes next if the painting ever stops.

Every morning I wake up intending to fire up my computer and come here, where it's always clean and tidy and just how I like it.  And every night I go to bed saying, "maybe tomorrow."

So it is with tremendous sadness that I announce a little hiatus for Small Works -- just a few weeks, until I restore a little order around here. 

I will miss you all, blog buddies -- already have!  For too long!

But even if I could think
of anything to say
that didn't involve paint . . .

I wouldn't be able
to remember it long enough
to say it.

So be good.  In the meantime, I'll be lurking.

And I'll look forward to seeing you . . . and talking about something else for a change -- soon!


luanne said...

Crazy how we live for years with icky woodwork, faded wallpaper, path-worn carpeting, you name it... and then kill ourselves replacing it all to put our house on the market. You have my sympathy, because I did the same thing 6 years ago, and it wasn't fun...

But it was worth it to end up living in Phoenix!!!

Hope the thought of what lies ahead will help get you through this less pleasant phase of relocation.

Don't worry, we'll all be here when you decide to check in next.

Allie said...

Egads - this is a great reminder to stay in my comfy chair, Susan. I think I'll keep my eyes closed until I go outside!!! I wish you much luck!

Leenie said...

Well perhaps there is a person who is selling a house in Phoenix who is giving up evenings in the comfy chair just so you can move into a place with fresh paint and new carpets. Miss you but am so glad your change of local won't mean we'll lose contact.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Look forward to hearing about Phoenix weather. Let this phase of the "move" be painless and last only a short while. BBless your new home, Susan.

Gary C said...

And try and get here before June. It really sucks to get here when it is getting hot (I came in Aug.).

VO said...

OMG, you're moving! Hooray! Over the years the <3 in your writing about AZ has been full of love and excitement! What a dream come true! Guacamole, mexican food, warmth and art everywhere (you won't be seeing moose in flannel for a long time)!

Congrats and I hope the painting clothes get turned into a fabulous art project once all that house stuff is over and done with!

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