The Great Hinckley Home Improvement/Preparation for Selling Marches On...

After 10 days of wearing only paint clothes . . .

I decided both my mind and my body needed a little break from all-things-woodwork.

So I threw some favorite real clothes in a bag, cashed in a few frequent flier miles, and took a little trip.  The purpose of the trip was to savor fine baked goods, watch stupid movies, and enjoy a great cheeseburger.

Mission accomplished, on all counts.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitis (of whose writing only fragments remain) said:

The rule that makes
its subject weary
is a sentence
of hard labor.

For this reason,
change gives rest.

Sometimes a little bit of doing nothing and thinking about nothing for no reason is just what the doctor ordered.

I put on my same running shoes and went for a run, but I looked at snow-covered mountains instead of 140th street.  I listened to the same music on my iPod, but did it in a sleek and small black rental car instead of my minivan.  I went to Target to buy something I forgot to pack, but it wasn't my Target and there was no grocery list in my purse . . . no thought of whether or not there was milk in the refrigerator.  Not my problem, if only for a day.

There are times when thinking
-- or not thinking --
about whether there is milk 
makes all the difference.  

Hello, paint clothes.
I have not missed you, but now I will gladly put you on again and go back to work . . . for a bit.



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Lovely - sometimes a bit of distraction will fix whatever it is that's a bit off plumb. Glad you feel refreshed.

Leenie said...

Glad you took a moment to check in. I've been wondering how all the prep for moving has been going. Glad also that you know when to put down the brush and step away from the paint can. Wishing you much success!

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