Why...Hello! Fancy meeting you here again!

I got up this morning 
and put on actual clothes . . .

It was exciting! I've been living in painting-clothes-exile for so long now, I almost forgot how to put on anything that isn't elastic-waist sweatpants.  But more exciting still is the fact that we've painted our last stroke!

Make no mistake, the house still looks very much like it did in the photos I shared with you before I left...but that's okay.

Because the great clean-up is about to begin . . .
And I'm actually looking forward to it!

Sure, it's a bit like I might actually look forward to asparagus
if I'd been eating only broccoli for a month.

After as much painting/caulking as I've done, cleaning sounds downright fun!

So I took a little walk at the dog park to celebrate before getting down to work.  It's a beautiful morning -- a chilly spring wind but the sun warm on my back -- and everything alive.  It's as if the whole world just stepped out of its egg and is blinking in the sunshine.

Everything is covered in the most indescribable green....the color of new. Feels like a perfect day to be alive.  And wearing actual clothes.

Feels like someone has finally moved the pointer to possibilities.  Things to look forward to.  Buds on the verge of their burst. A delicious period of waiting for something even better.

Mmmmm.  Spring.

(and now, spring cleaning...on steroids....

Happy Monday!



Leenie said...

Congrats on finishing the painting! I cannot tell you how much I HATE painting household objects. Truth be told it isn't the painting as much as the hauling, dragging, scraping, taping, removing, covering, losing, returning to the store for more stuff, wearing nothing but elastic-waist sweatpants for days and so forth. The five minutes of actually applying paint isn't so bad.

Have you tossed the collection of things you thought you'd never be able to live without until you decided to move, or will the portable dumpster be arriving soon?

Allie said...

Woohoo congratulations!!!! I laughed at you putting on ACTUAL clothes...I do that once a week when I run errands! Otherwise, who cares? Enjoy the greening, I'm loving seeing the earth come to life again!

Amelia Poll said...

Hooray for being done with painting!!

And enjoy the spring... It's the last green one you'll have for quite some time ;)

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