If said correctly, February can be a swear word...

It doesn't matter what the groundhog 
sees or doesn't see --

In Minnesota, 
either way we already know where we stand.

But there's no escaping the fact that groundhog day means it's February, and February means that The ACC Baltimore Show is just around the corner!  

click image to enlarge for show details

I only wish we had six weeks left!

There's just no denying
I still have some pretty big fish 
to fry between now and then....

So if I seem a little absent these days (physically and/or mentally), I apologize and beg your indulgence.  There are big projects going on at all hours in the studio, and things aren't bound to slow down any time soon. 

I hope you'll allow me to make it up to you the minute I've finished doing penance for my procrastinating ways ... and of course, ahem ... learning my lesson and becoming a better person as a result (that goes without saying).

In the meantime, 
here's wishing you 
a weekend 
away from work 
and chock full 'o fun!



luanne said...

Love your Phil drawing & your new lady! Good luck with getting everything done for B-more. Stay warm in your studio/burrow!

Leenie said...

Yes, no matter what Phil does or sees; February just means MORE winter here too. Best of luck making the short time before Baltimore somehow stretch out with no set-backs.

So...I'm looking at the poster for the ACC show and can't help thinking how the design on the handbag reminds me of cannabis leaves. Nah, that's just my over-active imagination. Anyway, cannabis has five leaves.

susan m hinckley said...

Hahaha, I hadn't thought of that but I absolutely have to agree with you, now that you mention it! I wonder if they've noticed that? Love the shape of the purse though. It's truly a great show full of beautiful things. Everyone should see it once in their lifetime. It's simply extraordinary to see what people can do.

Allie said...

I thought February WAS a swear word! Learn something new every day. *G*

Love your drawing of Phil. We have a groundhog here in MI that's been more accurate than Phil though. It's been so mild I almost don't mind.

I said ALMOST.

Love your lady - hope you're taking regular breaks in your sweatshop girl. Don't need any hand cramps. Your lady's expression is priceless! She's very retro/modern. The hair is just perfect!!!

Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden said...

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