In praise of snack time.

I read a rather stinging indictment 
of blogging the other day . . .  It was an author being interviewed about something else, but she happened to slip her opinion on blogs in there, saying something about how blogs are like fast food, empty intellectual calories devoid of substance, and after she reads them she always feels unfulfilled and slightly remorseful for wasting her time.


I have found, on the other hand, that my blog has been a useful tool for stimulating my brain, a handy vehicle for my art, and indispensable for bringing me new friends far outside my usual circle.  And the blogs I read are a never-ending source or inspiration, smiles, and general good feelings.

Blogs are a sort of "mental cookies" I suppose, but I love cookies of all kinds and would never wish to live in a world without them.

I have met several pen-pals through my blog, one of whom I became acquainted with after she wrote a post about my work. At the time (2 years ago)  I said this about it:

One of my happiest surprises lately came in the form of a new friend.  Julia (who is Russian but now residing in Canada), featured my work in a long and lovely post on her blog that I was delighted to have stumbled upon last week.  After I figured out that the language was Russian, I figured out that Google translator could "fix" it for me (Julia has since sent me a much better translation, but I learned that Google translator could have tremendous entertainment applications!  In fact, it might be run by the same people who are in charge of closed captioning). 

Julia, who is now once again living in Russia, 
sent me a surprise package the other day!

Just the box was an intriguing visual treat:

then there was the delightful card -- the writing on the envelope tells you everything about why I find Julia to be such a breath of fresh air:

and inside, two treats:

Julia creates whimsical, finely crafted crocheted characters, and I now have one happily living in the studio!

There was also a gorgeous book on Russian folk painting, a favorite style of mine, 
chock full of amazing eye-candy (although alas, I cannot understand a single word)

Such kindness from someone whose path I would otherwise never have crossed!  (I think perhaps the author I read the quote from is not running in the right blogging circles.)

Then yesterday, I found that I had received a blog award from my dear blog-buddy Leenie at perennial favorite, Side Trips.

The Leibster Blog award apparently originates in Germany, and means "dearest" or "beloved" -- such a kindness and an honor to be on Leenie's list with some of MY favorite bloggers!  Such a kindness and an honor to have Leenie as a reader, actually . . . as well as every one of you.

Thank you for every minute 
you have ever spent at Small Works.  

It is greatly appreciated, and if you have never actually said hello (lurkers, you know who you are!) please make yourself known.  Getting to know you, after all, is what makes it worthwhile. 

Together we can prove the blog-naysayers of the world wrong . . .

All the while enjoying a few delicious mental cookies 
from the blogosphere's seemingly endless supply.

Happy Tuesday! 




Karen M said...

Some people just seem to thrive on raining on other people's parades, don't they? That person just doesn't understand what gooey chocolate chip joy she is missing. Off to the kitchen for a cookie now, and then back to blog reading....

Amelia Poll said...

Some people are just too snotty for their own good.

I love Miss Bird - she looks lovely!

I know I await your blog posts anxiously, every other day (or so) :)

luanne said...

You'd think an author would have more sensitivity than to make such a sweeping generalization about blogs -- they are as individual as the people who write them.

When I hear such remarks, I suspect the person feels threatened by potential competition -- heaven forbid that "unofficial" writers might just have interesting stories to tell too. And if she finds blogs unsatisfying, she's reading the wrong blogs -- perhaps deliberately, to reassure herself of her superior worth? Sad.

I love your blog and all the various blogs I regularly visit. They are delicious & nutritious brain & soul food.

LOVE Miss Blue Bird!

Leenie said...

I wonder if that blog-naysayer has heard of the fable about the blind men and the elephant. Probably not. Reading fables would probably leave her unfulfilled and remorseful. Heh.

Cool you got such a fun pkg from Russia! There's almost no better way to learn about the world than by skipping the pablum served up for the masses by the media and instead learning about real people one on one.

My copy of "Fertile Ground" is now in a frame and hanging nearby to remind me to GROW. Plus I've finally started to enjoy "The Elegance of a Hedgehog." Yes, some kinds of blogging are very worthwhile.

Michele said...

I, for one, would dearly miss reading blogs if they didn't exist. Many are like sitting down and listening to a good and interesting friend. Mental cookie just about sums it up!

Allie said...

Oh that poor woman, what a small life she leads, lol...blogging has opened my eyes to the whole wide world and I've made friends all over it. What a lovely package from Julia! I quite agree that google translate is run by the closed captioning people, argh...

VO said...

Hmmm, last I looked blogs are passive and don't force themselves on anyone. If reading a blog is devoid of substance why would one even read one? Those kinds of comments demonstrate a self-centeredness that all things must revolve around them and if it doesn't meet their need it's not worthy of attention.

Sad that she can't see the worth to those of us who do find camaraderie, friendship and inspiration from people who tickle something within us.

Thanks for the years of reading Susan!

Buttons said...

Oh I love this post. The Russian package what a great gift. She is a very special blog friend indeed.
I love blog cookies and you can never have too many you are truly right about that.
I look forward to visiting many blogs and learning new things and meeting amazing talented friendly people like yourself.
Love this post. B

aveens11 said...

Went to an art exhibition opening in another city; looked up at a billboard. It was re Real estate:
Big ouch.

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