Sunday Scribble.

a grave at Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow


if I held your heart
felt it pulse against my palms
or balanced it on fingertips
to watch its push and pull
would it cut, all points and edges
try to wriggle out, become
a flopping love-fish on the floor
ooze and bleed desire, effusive
quiver, gel-like, undecided
let me see inside it, search its rooms
or offer nothing, not a clue of any kind
but make instead a flatline of itself
and wait to be set down again?

-- smh

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Kathe W. said...

excellent juxtaposition between a real heart and the romantic heart...

Tess Kincaid said...

"Flopping love-fish on the floor" is brilliant.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm with Tess; that's what jumped out at me - really cool!

Taylor Boomer said...

love it,

amazing propositions.

Brian Miller said...

ok i chuckled a bit at flop like a fish...smiles..def a nice contrast you draw in responses of the heart...and it is that wide ranged...

Leenie said...

Very clever response to the prompt. One does wonder if some hearts are so hard and cold they would cut anyone who tried to hold them. While other hearts are seem so soft they might slide right through a grasp.

Love the word images.

Sue said...

One of my favorites this week.


Tumblewords: said...

Oh! This is superb!

Cad said...

The love fish line gets a thumbs up from me too...brilliant.

Allie said...

Love. This. So. Much. You are BRILLIANT, girl.

Helen said...

Wow! You have so many rich, lush, descriptive words in this beautifully composed poem.

Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden said...

your words make my eyes open wide,

very beautiful plot.

Doctor FTSE said...

"Make instead a flatline of itself" is a particularly ingenious line amongst many.

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Wow! Wonderful words!

Anna :o]

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