Show and Tell......well...sorta.

One of the nice things . . .

. . . about getting the holiday clutter put away is that it gives me a chance to better appreciate my familiar old things.

We like each other much more after a few weeks apart.  By the time December rolls around and we've been staring at each other all year, unfortunately it seems we hardly notice each other anymore.

This, for instance, is one of my most prized possessions:

Desert Bloom, Robert Daughters, 34 x 24, hand-pulled serigraph of 27 colors

It lives in my dining room, where I pass it 100 times per day.  But eventually I stop seeing it.  Despite its imposing size.  And despite the fact that it has so much of what I love -- movement, sky, amazing color, the desert. 

So I have spent the past few days apologizing to it and getting reacquainted -- giving it the notice it deserves -- and I think we're both happier as a result.

Which leads me back to last Friday's post, 
my Beauty Scavenger Hunt challenge.  

I often have pretty good ideas, but sometimes I don't think them through very well before I blurt them out, and it can get me in trouble.

I should have considered, for instance, before I issued the challenge, whether I would have the technology

to do it justice when I reported on it later.  It only took me about 3 seconds (after I hit publish, of course) to smack my head and remember that I can't take a decent photo to save my life.


I stewed about it all weekend, while simultaneously enjoying the search for the items I would like to include on my list, but had no idea what to do when Monday rolled around.

Then yesterday, the lovely Leenie at Side Trips  (unhampered by a lack of talent in any area)  posted her results in an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT array . . . I hope hope hope you will visit!  Her list is splendid, and it's difficult to choose which item of her collection I like best.

I am so glad she did it so very well.  Because now I feel much better about taking my own report another direction entirely...I'm much better at the TELL than at the SHOW, after all, so I decided to try to communicate my scavenger experience in words.

Yes, I know a picture is worth a thousand of them . . .

But the idea was for me to get in touch with 7 items of beauty, and I definitely did so! My list is contained in the following poem.  I'm only sorry I was not able to buy beautiful postcards to better share my experience with you, Dear Reader.  Please forgive me.

Scavenger of Beauty

no thanks is given
for what is left unseen
beauty un-grasped
un-savored, empty
eyes and hands, minds
that walk a straight line, look
ahead but not around
and fail to find a gift
along the way --

lines that trace their change
in sticks, in stems and branches, buds
a curl of hair, a wrinkle
at the corner of an eye
the song of a voice, its sound
or the silent hole it leaves
the color of light, spilling
weightless love on all it touches
words that bump and spin a dance
ideas, thoughts fleeting, minds that chase
the heart, its beating blur of movement
moon's blunt glow on ice
a drift, a graceful skiff of snow
clouds crossing sky, their mark of time
a crowd of anything, alive
and teeming with itself
our moment standing in this place
still, one breath between us

there for all if we will take them
to pocket, wonder, praise --
our thanks is in our notice
keep collecting


P.S. This just in -- best horoscope ever:

Gemini -- You're a sensual being.  As intellectual as you may be, you're always operating on another level, too, a level that is affected by things like color, warmth and music.  You'll gravitate toward beauty....

Hey, thanks, Ms. Fate!


Mama Zen said...


Leenie said...

Your way with words covers that list perfectly and triggers so many moments of beauty in my memory. Well done. Specific photos would only detract from a reader's experience.

I am so JEALOUS of your Desert Bloom art. JEALOUS!

Allie said...

LOVE your desert art...and your poem, that was a feast! Pictures are nice, really and truly, but a gift of words like that is beyond price.

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