Monday means....ALMOST 50 DEGREES??!!! See you in a bit -- I'm going ...um...out.

I'm having a bit of a hard time 
staying focused these days...

Usually, I'm able to maintain some semblance of discipline in my life

but so far this January, I'm feeling a bit like 
I really need someone to put an electronic collar on me 

and then sit me down at my desk and tell me to STAY.

No, no, no!!!  

Not like that..... that's where I WANT to be
(and with a good book, please.)

Well, while we're at it, this would be even better...

But I seem to be under the spell of something 
even more insidious than my usual post-holiday lazy stupor . . .

I'm going to blame 
Mother Nature.

It's a little disconcerting, the way she's toying with us...

Last January, I was writing about it being 46 degrees BELOW ZERO in our fair state.  This year, someone in MN saw a fly on their porch rail the other day.  It was ALIVE.  


In Minnesota!  

In January!

We're all a little confused, I think.  Maybe completely addled.

Human life itself may be 
almost pure chaos, 
but the work of the artist 
is to take these handfuls 
of confusion and disparate things, 
things that seem 
to be irreconcilable, 
and put them together in a frame 
to give them some kind 
of shape and meaning.

-- Katherine Anne Porter 

I love you, Katherine Anne Porter -- you are one of my favorite writers EVER, and you are exactly right again! 

The work of THIS artist, at least, is to take these handfuls of wooly, thready, un-stitched snips of confused nothingness and put them together, and THEN put them in a frame and hope they have some kind of shape and meaning.  

And do it before Baltimore, 
which is mere weeks away.  

Weeks!  EEK.

If anyone sees me move from my desk, will you please push the button on that collar?  Just a little twinge should do it.  Actually, do the same if you see me going after a piece of cake.  

Thank you!  
(You are true friends.)


Leenie said...

What is UP WITH THIS WEATHER? We're supposed to have all these dark cold days that make working inside a little easier. Blue sky and warm sun is just WRONG in January. If there weren't so many miles between us I'd call and say let's play hookie and run away to the hills, breathe in some evergreen and wet dirt smells and....Eeek, is that a deadline!!

susan m hinckley said...

Don't tempt me, Leenie -- I'll gladly get on a plane tomorrow for all-points-west! Yes, IT'S A DEADLINE...would you please email me every day between now and then and say, SUSAN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Allie said...

ROFL - I laughed so hard about the fly - I saw one too!!!! WHAT is going on! I haven't been going out but I sure enough can't concentrate.

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