Always a pleasure 
to find oneself in good company . . .

and I had just that kind of luck earlier this week when I was fortunate
to be included in Nestle and Soar's "Top Ten Tuesday" collection.

The piece Georgianne featured is my painting, "And Your Bird Can Sing".  I hope you'll check out her blog -- it's lovely to look at, interesting and informative . . . and her wool work is wonderful! 

In other news....

Chelsea came over last night and helped me make my new card for 2012, in preparation for the upcoming Baltimore extravaganza.  Last year's card caused me no end of difficulty, because although it was an attractive image, I received the feedback over and over that it was not truly representative of my work.  I knew I'd made a mistake with it after the first show.  So I tried to be more careful with my selection this year.  I can't wait to see the finished cards when they arrived -- went with a nice, oversized 5 x 7.  Here's a preview, front and back:

(If THAT card doesn't say Susan M. Hinckley, I'm at a loss for what to try next.)

And lastly...
I truly hoped to have a new piece finished to show you today, but due to a VERY unruly cactus, as well as a host of technical difficulties (read: piece from hell) it is not yet finished.

Alas and alack. Seriously.

However -- it will be ready for a Monday reveal!  
You have that promise in writing.  (Please hold me to it.)

But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep . . .

-- Robert Frost

(Yup.  Working weekend.)

Happy Friday!



Leenie said...

Wow! Congrats on the special notice on Nestle and Soar. You are among some great company there. I like all the selections and I'll have to spend some time looking at her site in more detail.

Your card is excellent! Nice photography. Clear color and detail as well as showing off your work and your sense of humor. This should be a fine intro to any and all.

Sorry about the piece from hell. Those kind of things take all the fun out of creating. I've had my share of those. By the time I finally hope I get it right I'm so sick of it I don't much care. Good luck with that unruly cactus.

Allie said...

Well congrats on being featured! I'll have to pop over and check it out. Love the bird. Your new card DOES say Susan...how perfect. Hope your technical difficulties are resolved soon, yes I'm familiar with those.

BTW, I have to thank you - it's almost 4am, I've just finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and I can't remember when I enjoyed a book more. It's my new second favorite. I read it in one sitting and will have to buy it, well worth reading again [and again]. Tomorrow I'll start on the Gourmet Rhapsody...or maybe I'll let Hedgehog marinate in my brain for a few days first. Thank you so much for recommending it!

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