Humbug! . . . I mean . . . Happy Monday!

I know I've been a bit of a Scrooge so far this year... 

My apologies.  It's just that there seem to be too many jobs to do and not enough of me to do them.  There have been a few small victories, however.

For instance, I feel I should report on my success at the post office:

Over $150.00 later...poor, but so very happy!

This year's receipt is perhaps even longer than last year's, but every bit as sweet.  We experienced a Christmas miracle, pulling into the post office around 10:00 Friday night only to find that there was no line at all.  We always go to the 24 hr. airport p.o. and it's usually pretty late by the time we get there, but last year we waited an hour just to park!  So to have the entire ordeal over in just under an hour was sweet indeed. 

(That great experience will probably not be a good deterrent for next year's procrastination, however.  Know thyself.)

Sweeter still was having Hannah whisk the receipt from my hand and go after it with a pair of scissors.  In her capable fingers, the dreaded receipt became this:

and then this:

It's just wonderful to have 
a snowflake genius on staff when you need one!

Still plenty to do before the big day, however . . .

Let's see if she's as good 
with a mop as she is 
with those scissors!




Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Paper cutting is an art form that never loses its fun and inventiveness. Just plain pretty, I think.

Amelia Poll said...

Highly impressive! I've never been very skilled at making snowflakes... I think it's because I'm always scared to take away big chunks of paper that are required to make cool ones.

Merry Christmas!

Leenie said...

Looks like you survived! Yay!

Your daughter's creative genius is reward for all those times you didn't wring her neck. If she mops you've hit the jackpot!

Allie said...

Don't you just love a 24hour post office? I wonder if any will stay open after the January cuts... What a wonderful thing to do with your receipt - Hannah is so clever! Hope you make all your deadlines, Susan!

Alison said...

Thank you I feel blessed to benefit from that trip to the Post Office! Awesome - love the snowflakes!

Helen said...

YOU ... Ms. Susan are very lovely!

Joyeux Noël

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