Time for a quick Thursday Tale . . .

A Magpie Tale, that is --


I am a strong flavor, an aroma

Perfume to some, an acquired

Taste, a spice, a flavor

Enhancement that can overpower

If not used with care

But can also sing in the hands

Of an experienced cook --

Try me.


I was watching a few minutes of an Everybody Loves Raymond episode last night in which Ray finds out that someone "hates" him and is nearly driven crazy trying to figure out how that could be possible. As a dyed-in-the-wool pleaser, I could understand completely. 

But aside from our own mothers, it seems everything in the world must be an acquired taste of sorts.  Including garlic.  And probably me.  So Ray should relax. (I can't stand seafood, but I hope the shrimp don't take it personally.)

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Leenie said...

Until just a week or so ago the only garlic I used was slipped into my spaghetti sauce in the form of dried flakes; or garlic salt on French bread. My hubby is cranky about garlic having had a roommate in college who must have been a real garlic lover.

Then, as I said, a week ago I bought a clove, minced it up and used it in a marinade. Big, big and better difference. I liked it and DH didn't complain. We continue to learn whether we like to nor not.

Hope your trip to the cardiologist was not too traumatic.

Allie said...

ROFL - I watched that same episode last night! Love your Magpie Tale, Susan!

Ann Brauer said...

My favorite Raymond episode was the suitcase--who was going to carry it upstairs. Or in my case downstairs. Yes, we reenact it frequently since our bedroom is downstairs.

As to garlic I do love it--tho didn't have it until I moved east.

PS--you should post on the imaginary words used in word verification.
Predumif--now what does that mean.

mangetoutetc said...

love 'sing in the hands/Of an experienced cook' - take the dare everyone!

Trellissimo said...

Certainly, garlis can sing...er zing?

Helen said...

Everybody Loves Raymond, including me ... TRY ME ~ two wonderful words.

Brian Miller said...

ha i like that show...mmm....i have had some great garlic dishes by italians...my room mate in college dated an italian girl...

versebender said...

Great take on the Magpie. Garlic was not an acquired taste for this Italian boy...it's genetically imprinted. (Liked that Raymond episode also) Vb

Tess Kincaid said...

Charming little dare!

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