Happy is good, if you can be it.
Sunshine is lovely, when you see it.
Some people limp, while others can dance -
It seems there's a lot left up to chance.
But whether a clear or cloudy sky,
The one thing you can control is "try".
(I know -- that's easier said than done,
But you'd get bored if it ALL was fun.)

-- smh

(Try to have a great weekend!)


mangetoutetc said...

a very jolly rhyme! lovely.

Leenie said...

So positive and so fun! Those words are lyrics that should be the second verse to "Keep on the Sunny Side" (always on the sunny side) might even fit the tune (hums) well, close. Short enough to stitch on one of your clever wall hangings, for sure!

Boring will be a goood gooood weekend for me. I've had every test Mr. Dr. can find for us to pay for. All good news. I don't have ANY bad stuff growing in my body. $$$$$ later. He was sooo happy. I just said, "I know, now can we get on with this surgery---PLEASE!" Putting myself in quarantine. I would get bored if it was ALL fun.

susan m hinckley said...

But a little boredom can sometimes be a welcome thing -- especially medical boredom! I got a clean bill of health myself. Good news: normal. Bad news: no answers, enormous bills. Hope your surgery is speedy and the recovery even speedier. And then let's just get on with spring, shall we?

Pam said...

Wow. Good news all round! Have a happy weekend Susan. May Spring hold the answers to good health and clear path ahead. Much love.xx

Allie said...

LOVE your poem! And remember, even on a cloudy day, the sun is shining above them!

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