Feeling better, Susan? Why yes. Yes I am. Thank you for asking.

Hooray for Monday!  
Such a welcome change from the weekend!

Because it's laundry day?  No.   
Because I did nothing but feel cranky over the weekend.

1)  Still winter. 
2)  No vacations planned.

In fact, as I thought about it, I realized my past two "vacations" have been to shows, and as anyone who has ever worked a show can tell you, it's FAR from a vacation!

So it was a sanity saver -- 
when my friend fantastic stitcher Flannery Dolan
stopped by the studio today

for a long overdue lunch/catch-up/show-and-tell.

And imagine my delight when she unveiled this piece 
from her carefully wrapped bag of treasures:

Pity Party, Flannery Dolan, 2011


Ms. Fate must have known I was in a funk and sent me a good-natured little kick in the pants to remind me to get over myself.  Did it work?  Have I stopped wishing I were somewhere else and just embraced the icy/windy/slow-slog-toward-spring that is March in MN?

But nothing cheers me up 
like time spent with:


I've said it before and I'll say it again:  

Creativity Saves Lives.

(Okay . . . vacations work well, too! But when you drag your husband all over the country schlepping your work to shows, you have to realize that some people have real jobs and you may have already selfishly eaten all their vacation time . . . Oops! Sorry, Sweetie!  Pity party over.)


ps.(4 hours later) 
Okay, okay . . . now I've REALLY been shown the error of my cranky and self-absorbed ways . . . just in time for an afternoon snack, this showed up at my door courtesy of another friend:

Enough to bust my return-to-diet-Monday, don't you think?  But I've learned my lesson, Ms. Fate!

Now I'll happily stop complaining and just spend a chocolatey minute being thankful for good friends and a sunny (I didn't say warm!) afternoon. Thank you!



Leenie said...

Pity Party!!!! YAY! You are invited to mine. No sick leave, no paid vacation. Just two weeks or more AWAY from that cubicle and a great excuse to get out the laundry.

Wishing you sunshine and a crocus or two. The stitchery is wonderful. Your friend Flannery Dolan not only brings treasures, but I suspect IS a treasure.

Michele said...

As long as we're partying, I'm there!

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