"Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches" . . . Frederico Garcia Lorca

Today's Small Words quote
(which I'm going to repeat now because it will disappear tomorrow . . .)

Like a piece of ice on a hot stove 
the poem must ride on its own melting.

-- Robert Frost

is a perfect description of the poem that is our first 50 degree day in Minnesota.

The state is (along with the spirits of its residents)  
riding high on its own melting today, folks.  

And looking out the studio window, 
I actually have a glimpse of *gasp* -- GROUND.

Hello, ground!  How I've missed you! 
(I'm not sure I even realized how much.)

I had to live in the desert before 
I could understand 
the full value of grass in a green ditch.

-- Ella Maillart

Or in March terms . . .
I had to live in a snowglobe before I could understand the full value of a world not tossed in white with every passing wind, painted endlessly with a brush devoid of color, smothered under a blanket which no amount of wishing could peel back . . .

And so now, there you are . . . ground. 

And some day, there will be grass in a green ditch, as well.  But we shan't get greedy today.

Just seeing you, your wink of promise from under the retreating snow, is enough.

Somehow it just got easier to wait.



the hinckleys said...

this post warmed my heart and that first quote about green might be my new fave. i love a green world.

luanne said...

Hope your spring just keeps getting warmer & greener! Hang in, the snow has to vanish soon.

Amanda Cheniae said...

I love how in that photo the flowers look like they are longingly looking out the window, just waiting for the moment they can go outside!

As for us, we are almost at 90 already.....it's going to be a long, hot summer.

Allie said...

Right there with you - I felt every word of this post in my gut, lol! Most of our snow is gone, but what it reveals ain't pretty. Brown, brown, brown - but SOON to be green!

Ann Brauer said...

Oh I can relate to that. I measure the increase in the amount of ground I can see every day. Good luck.

Leenie said...

I like your snow globe quote much better than the green ditch quote. I'm writing it in my favorite quotes book.

I came home to find the snow had made quite a retreat during my absence. I'm with you on celebrating!

Leenie said...

BTW I found a soft pillow so I don't have to blog on my knees. Whew!

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