It's only Wednesday? Time for a little escapism.

Perhaps the best way 
to follow up an M.R.I. of your head . . .

is with a visit to a cardiologist.  
Think of it as a "medical dessert" of sorts. Yum!

I do not entertain hypotheticals.  
The world as it is is vexing enough.

-- from the movie True Grit

That's why I'm not wasting one more second thinking about all-things-medical-testing.  We will instead turn our attention to something


Is it the snowfall we're enjoying today  
 (while my husband is in sunshiny Los Angeles)?


(Although in December 
it might have been considered so.)

Is it the latest offering from 
LuAnne at Invisible Woman? 

Yet another splendiferous photo wonderland -- a 
(Yes, that's a LINK.)


The only thing giftier than the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden itself (for which I give thanks) is LuAnne's loving and diligent recording of the many beauties she finds there.  A divine gift.

Please zip over immediately for a breath of springtime from a landscape that, to a Minnesotan, may as well be Mars today. 

I can't 
get there 
fast enough. 


(thanks, LuAnne! I needed that.)


Leenie said...

Lots and lots of good wishes and prayers go to you and your day at the doctor's. Hope you get some drugs and some results that make you very happy. Going now to see some flowers and colors (have not see either in MONTHS!!!!except in my head) at the botanical gardens

luanne said...

Thanks for giving my beloved DBG & photos a wider audience! I added a few new photos today & will continue to update the set often.

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