M.R.I. Monday

A brain scan is a great way to start any week,

and gives you plenty of time to catch up on your over-analyzing and deep thinking.

After all, while you're wedged in that TINY tube with a cage around your head you need something to do to keep your mind off things like:

a) the jackhammers that seem to be waging a personal attack
b) the six itches that have sprung up in various body parts
c) brain tumors

Mostly I just felt grateful that I've never had any REAL health problems.  Some people have to spend a lot of time in medical contraptions and doctors' offices, so I know I'm lucky.  And the chances of the scan revealing anything major are very small -- on the other hand, I have had TWO cracked water heater tanks (see last week).  Just sayin'.

I ran into an old acquaintance over the weekend and tried to catch up in 60 seconds on everything that had happened in both our lives since we last ran into each other.  After the first few pleasantries, I asked what her daughter was doing (our children are similar ages) and then she got a funny look on her face.

"She's engaged," she announced.  Before I could even say, "Congratulations!" or probe for further info, she added, "To a tattoo artist."

Now before I start getting comments saying things like, "tattoo artists are people too", can we all just agree that when you envision your little princess's wedding someday, in your dream the guy wearing the tux is not typically a tattoo artist?

I reminded her that, along with MANY OTHER THINGS, our children's spouses are not one of the things we get to choose.

Emphasis on the MANY OTHER THINGS. 

A principle which of course she understood intellectually, but still seemed a little bewildered by when confronted with a situation that required her to host a "meet the family" dinner party that night.

I understand completely.

If life hasn't thrown you a curve ball yet (or lately), 
stick around a few innings. 

Things are bound to get interesting.

In the movie, "When Harry Met Sally,"
Sally tries to defend her high-maintenance restaurant order by explaining,

 "I just like it the way I like it." 

And who doesn't? 

Although some of us seem able to accept 
the ever zig-zagging line of life 
with more grace than others . . .

Goals allow you to control 
the direction of change in your favor.

-- Brian Tracy

Now there's a thought for the day: Making the best of "the direction of change."
You know . . . when life gives you lemons . . . and so on.
I'm working on it. 

Life is a journey, and if I think I'm going to control a journey, I'm most certainly wrong.  That's why we come home from vacation with stories to tell and photos to share.  If we knew how everything was going to go beforehand, there wouldn't be a reason to go at all.

And I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who thought they were getting on "It's a Small World" only to find the ride is actually much more like "Space Mountain."


(Memo to anyone who is listening:
I don't want to get off the ride. 
I'm just trying not to scream like a little girl.)



Judy said...

I totally did NOT get this concept when I was younger. Boy, do I get it now! We are really not in control of our lives, just ourselves. And hey, a little Space Mountain never hurt anyone, right?b

Michele said...

Control is so overrated anyhow.

luanne said...

Just the thought of going into one of those MRI tubes is enough to give me a nervous breakdown -- too claustrophobic! Especially if any body parts are strapped down or immobilized, yikes.

Hope all turns out well & you get a clean bill of health soon. Meanwhile I'll worry a little on your behalf, it's one of my specialties!

Leenie said...

Wow! MRI. Makes my CT scan sound pretty tame. Don't you just love hospital fashion? You are SO right about the zigs and zags of life. "Laugh a minute" it truly is.

Hope they locate the little guys with the jack hammers and find a way to convince them to go home to their wives and families peacefully.

Hopefully with all those cracked water tanks you've used up your bad luck. You're certainly due for some good news.

Tattoo artist. That should be a very interesting "meet the family party." At least the conversations in the kitchen will be -um- interesting.

Pam said...

Susan, thinking of you with your MRI and sending good wishes your way.Great post too! Can relate to the mother thing- it's a journey in itself.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, friends!

Judy -- Ain't it the truth? The older I get the dumber I used to be.

LuAnne -- Believe me when I tell you my eyes were closed.

Leenie -- thinking of you with your own procedures today. Be well!

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