Ho, Ho . . . Hello!

The mailing is done:

Yes, it's me with the ridiculous receipt from the post office which was quite literally as tall as I am.  Pity the poor clerk whose misfortune it is to wait on the Hinckleys when they stroll nonchalantly into the P.O. on December 18!

and there are two types of cookies in the bank.  So progress has definitely been made!  There's still plenty to do, of course, but at least I finally felt I could sit down and have a little computer time without endangering all the hall-decking and goodwill for my family.

I have a lot of Christmas books I love, but one that has lived on my coffee table for the past several Christmas seasons is this one:

The Secret Life of Santa Claus, by Gregoire Solotareff

I'm a sucker for alphabet books, and a quirky Christmas alphabet book combines the best of all worlds, so it's no wonder I continue to enjoy it each year.

Here are a few selections from A - H in case you're ready for a 5-days-'til-Christmas (eek!) pause and smile amid the whirlwind of preparations:


Tee Hee!  I'll add a few more pages tomorrow.  
Until then, merry making-and-doing!


Leenie said...

First a thousand CD's of Christmas music and now the person in the post office causing a long backup in the line. You do know how to endear yourself to others during the holidays! Hehe That is SOME tall receipt! Good for you for getting all your shopping and shipping done!

The Santa book looks like a wonderful collection of humor and illustration. And wisdom--"How many people really know if they are happy?" Or, "You cannot make a Santa out of an artichoke." Love it.

Karen S said...

ROFL! I love the artichoke and the brother -- and actually, my brother loved marinated artichokes so much he received a giant jar of them one year for Christmas! So for some people they do make good gifts.

Happy Christmas to you -- we're making at least three kinds of cookies tomorrow -- after that, we'll need more butter.

susan m hinckley said...

Leenie -- at least we have the courtesy to drive to the 24 hr. post office at the airport, so it's only OTHER desperate ne'er-do-wells that we're holding up at all hours of the night!

Karen -- ROFL indeed! Your butter comment gave me a good laugh out loud!

Allie said...

Look how cute you look - love your top! But whoa that is some receipt. LOVE the book - it reminds me of Shel Silverstein's books! Have you ever read Uncle Shelby's ABZ's?

Amelia Poll said...

Artichokes are a good gift if you know someone who works at, or attends the school that happens to have the artichoke as its mascot. The years I attended SCC, a lot of people received artichoke-themed gifts from me :)

susan m hinckley said...

The fighting artichokes! How could I forget? Yes, I must concede that there are certain conditions under which an artichoke would make a good gift. A starving person, for instance, would appreciate one. Or Russ Hinckley, for that matter.

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