Has anyone seen the kitchen counter? It's missing . . .

The art is finally finished for this year's cd cover, 
and the massive assembly line has begun.  

I'm actually one of the last artists on planet earth who creates art using a pen and  the old cut & paste method.  I've requested that Santa send me some tutorial materials for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for Christmas . . . Santa, are you listening?!

Yes, we're a 
little behind schedule.


No, I didn't have a 
December show to blame!


Yes, I still hope everyone will 
receive them before the Big Day.

I believe this is the 17th year of the Hinckley Christmas cd, which I feel is an accomplishment in its own right.  

And Russ has once again threatened to make this his last. (It's good to have things you can count on . . . and come to think of it, you can count on a last minute emergency rush to assemble the cd.  Maybe NEXT YEAR I'll get it done in November???!!!)

I can hear you snickering, btw . . . and you're right.  Not likely at all.   


Leenie said...

Your CD is probably something I would enjoy thoroughly. It's the same, same, same played on the office radio that is tipping me over the edge. Congrats to you and yours for finishing one more project before deadline.

susan m hinckley said...

Don't worry, Leenie -- if you didn't like it, you wouldn't be alone. I don't think Russ' mom has listened to it for years. She "doesn't care for his choice of music!" And when he left his job earlier this year, at the going away party/roast, someone gave a little speech about nifty ways you can use the Hinckley's holiday cd (including, but not limited to, making a fishing lure of some kind). At least she was kind enough to say, "keep the art."

Some love it and some merely tolerate it, but it wouldn't be Christmas around here without it. So I guess we really do it for ourselves after all.

Allie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that cover - what do you put on your cd? I think that's brilliant! And there's nothing wrong with doing art the old-fashioned way, either. I'm a very tactile person, I like to hold my pen and draw on actual paper, lol. Same with books - not sure I'd love a Kindle!

Amelia Poll said...

Hooray! Can't wait!!!

And, um, hello? No more scary hospital visits, ok?? But you are right, those are the magic words we don't ignore in this family. I hope you are feeling better. Love you!!

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