Mrs. Santa's setback.

Well well well.
Yes, it's been several days since my last trip to blogland, but before you jump to the conclusion that it's because I just don't care, let me explain --

I was planning on writing a nice post yesterday,
but instead I went to the hospital 

. . . and then spent the night there.  

In December!  With all these projects on my desk!  With unmade cookies screaming from the pantry!  With the post office deadline loudly ticking past!  And with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.

Which is good news, I guess, but it was pretty frustrating to be carted around in a wheelchair and wheeled around in a bed when I really wanted to be home doing a Jillian Michaels workout and whipping up holiday magic.

And all because of those two pesky little words (which I learned several years ago never to utter but haven't found another way to describe yet) . . . chest pain. 

When the doctor told me I was going to have to stay overnight, it got ugly.  Mrs. Santa was a little . . . *ahem . . . less than twinkly.  Actually, when I called my family doctor in the first place and he told me to go to the hospital, I said, "YOU go to the hospital!", which isn't the way polite people speak to their doctors.

But then polite doctors never 
send people to the hospital 
a week before Christmas 
with seven thousand unfinished things 
on their lists. 

Anyway, I've said it before, Dad, and I'll say it again -- thanks for the genes.  They're the gift that keeps on giving.  But for today, at least, they're just a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing.  (Nothing but idle threats and a miserable batch of tests and a deplorable lack of sleep.)

I hope all of you are enjoying a more pleasant seasonal rush!
And making more progress on your lists than I am.

Now, back to work!  
(I'll see you after I've had a little nap.)



luanne said...

Glad you're okay, but what an ill-timed bummer. A few years back I spoiled my husband's birthday with those same two words... better safe than sorry, but it's no fun to be a cardiac care hostage. Rest up and maybe enjoy some Andy & Barney reruns while you regain your holiday spirit!

Leenie said...

Perhaps you've been served with a notice to back off a little on projects and stress. But I'm sure someone has already told you that. Glad you're okay. I'd really miss your posts if you had to spend serious hospital time. There are probably others who would complain about your absence too. ;)

Judy said...

This stinks. Really. However, I'm so glad it ended up better than it started!

Allie said...

Good grief - I'm VERY relieved to hear you're ok - take it easy, Susan!

Pam said...

Cute "good girl" piece Susan! Make sure you stay a good girl, with lots of those naps and not taking on too much! I'll tell Santa if you don't.

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