"A lot of people like snow.  I find it to be 
an unnecessary freezing of water."

-- Carl Reiner

I can only hope that since I've neglected posting for a few days, you've neglected me as well.  It's December, after all, and we're all a-scurry trying to be even busier than we are the rest of the time.  

But here at Small Works we're grounded today for a fact . . . a blizzard warning, so we couldn't go anywhere if we wanted to.  Here are a few photos, just to make you happy that you're there and I'm here:

from my studio

unsuccessfully from one side of the fireplace

more successfully from the other side

Just to give you a little perspective, we're talking about 20+ inches of snow, 40 mph winds, wind chills in the life-threatening category (-50 tomorrow morning!) When MnDot pulls their vehicles off the road, it seems there are few places worth trying to go.  In fact, I'm currently watching the weather channel just to reassure myself that God has not turned his back on the entire planet. (And since there's a tornado in Arkansas as we speak, I'm not sure how to feel about it) . . .

Oh well -- 
it made it a great day to do this:

A plate of nachos the size of my head,
a good Cohen Brothers' movie (Hudsucker Proxy)
and a goofy and eclectic collection of favorite old ornaments.
I guess it's not such a bad day, after all.

Now where's that hot cocoa 
I stuck in the pantry a few months ago . . . ?



Amelia Poll said...

Holy cow! Sounds like you guys are getting our winter from last year... Only yours is worse. Brr!

susan m hinckley said...

Winter? Boy howdy!

Karen S said...

Madison was just "upgraded" to a blizzard warning. So we did our tree too.

I've been neglecting my blog lately too -- I think it's just the season.

Judy said...

Oh yes, I am happy to look out my window and see oranges on my trees instead of snow. And yet . . . Tree decorating and hot chocolate is just not the same in 78 degree weather.

Leenie said...

Now THAT'S A WINTER STORM! At least you have a good excuse not to do whatever you were supposed to do. Blame it all on the blizzard...headache, hang nail, dry skin, depression. Then go ahead and have the nachos and hot chocolate without feeling any guilt. There are great bonuses to bad weather!

Julie said...

Well, here in San Diego, CA, it's 5 PM, about 68 degrees, clear skies, and all my neighbors have their holiday lights up.

I think we're going down to the local pub for a beer soon.


Allie said...

OH MY GOODNESS. OH MY. I'm speechless. Guess where I'm never moving to.....I worry about things like pregnant women, old folks, people who may need medical attention in a HURRY in this kind of weather. That is scary weather to me!
My sister-in-law used to live in a log cabin in the woods near Marquette, MI - she went into labor with her first child during a blizzard. The ambulance got stuck [the driveway was 400 yards long], the tow truck for the ambulance got stuck, and the large tow truck for the tow truck got stuck. She SNOWSHOE'D out. In labor. And proceeded to stay in Marquette in an apartment til spring.

I love the quote from Carl Reiner. Stay warm, and stay safe, Susan! Your tree looks beautiful!

luanne said...

If I was in AZ I'd send you a sunny desert photo, as John says it's been an absolutely glorious weekend.

Instead, I'm in gloomy cold VA, feeling your wintery pain. My drive up to visit my mother in PA this weekend was thwarted by an unexpected ice/snow storm Fri morn. We made it only 50 creep&crawl miles before we had to turn back.

Your tree looks beautiful! And a big plate of nachos is the perfect antidote to blizzard blues -- any excuse to eat nachos works for me!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks all -- Russ is doing morning-after battle with the snow as we speak, and he's been at it for about 2 hours already! He looks frozen solid (I shuttled him some hot chocolate a little while ago to help thaw his mouth, at least). Of course the snow-blower is on the blink, but thank goodness for the kindness of neighbors who have taken pity on him and given him a loaner.

In sympathy (because I can't shovel without being laid up for a week) I've been scrubbing all the floors so that the Christmas tree doesn't look so utterly shiny compared to everything else in the house. Come on home, Hannah -- We've almost got all the Cooper gunk cleaned off for you!

Pam said...

Wow Susan! Cannot imagine a wind chill factor of -50 degrees. I think our worst wind chill factors here in Australia's snow country gets to -10 or 20, but have never experienced that either, and of course our Christmases are usually very hot often exceptionally so.Enjoyed your photos, although hard to relate to!

abi said...

Those pictures of that snow made me sick to my stomach! Ewww... really, I don't know how you can even bring yourself to ever leave the house. I've been away from the snow for only 5 years, and luckily we haven't had any here yet. Don't miss it. Not one bit.

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