Tuesday the twenty-first.

Where, oh where, is LuAnne from Invisible Woman with her beautiful nature photography when I need her?  Her incredible camera skills could have supplied me with the perfect Christmas card image for next year:

This is the scene that greeted me out my kitchen window this morning, and while I sprinted downstairs to get my camera, he got ready to fly away and left me with a one-second window of opportunity to get a blurry memento. But it was a lovely -- if fleeting -- little Christmas gift from Mother Nature and I'm glad to have seen it while it lasted.

Lots of time spent in the kitchen today, making the family heirloom cookies that are a LONG standing tradition (of the hundred years variety) but a certifiable pain in the neck to make.  First of all, one should never wait until December 21 to pick up the necessary currant jelly, because one may have to drive all over town looking for it!

However, tonight all the aching feet and tedium were forgotten in a single bite:

There's a reason I continue to make these little gems 
every year -- utterly worthwhile.

And now, even if Santa manages to forget our house, Christmas is officially here so it won't matter a bit.  And speaking of Santa, I promised a few more pages from yesterday's featured book:

There you are -- We'll finish next time!

I hope you've had a bite of something heavenly today as well, and some time spent doing things with people you love (and miss most days.)

Ah, the pleasures of the season . . .



Amelia Poll said...

I must admit, I've never attempted the cookies. I thought this might be the year, but I realized there would be no way to fit them all in our apartment... Sometime soon, though.

Thanks for sharing the book :) I love it!!

Allie said...

Hmmm...that reminds me...we picked up the stuff we need to make more cookies today. Along with all the other fruitless running around. I dearly loathe shopping with MEN! They linger too long and only look at stuff they would like. My hubby re-furnished our entire house yesterday [in his mind] at Ikea.

Loving the book!

Pam said...

Such a funny book -particularly the pages that feature Santa's father and brother. The cookies sound intruiging, they look yummy.

Judy Warner said...

Your cookies look scrumptious! Enjoy the season.

luanne said...

What a beautiful cardinal! No other bird compares against a snowy landscape. And thanks for the kind words about my photos, but plain old luck is often the biggest factor -- hoping the bird stays put long enough to go grab the camera!

You might try luring him back with some birdseed, maybe sprinkled on your deck railing... when we lived in VA, that was a good way to bring cardinals close enough for snowy photos.

Am loving the book. How did I miss it when it was published? Thanks for sharing, it's a gem. (Today, "miserable" was my favorite.)

Leenie said...

At least you get to see cardinals. Nothing that colorful here. Thanks for the cheery red bird pic!

Best wishes for your cooking projects. Hope you get some down time with feet up soon. I SO love the Santa book. I may have to check that one out on Amazon.

And I say, Go! Santa! on his paintings. He should enjoy his work without critics. And, besides, can you imagine what a Santa original would be worth? Not one cranked out by the elves but one by the master of toys himself. Wow!

susan m hinckley said...

Ha ha . . . the painting Santa made me a little sad, actually (as one challenged painter to another) -- I'd LOVE to have a Santa original, imperfect or not!

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