Excuses, excuses . . . apologies and explanations . . .

If you were here on Friday, you may remember that I was struggling with a certain stubborn piece that refused to be finished, and which I vowed to show in this space on Monday.  Well, it's not the first promise I've broken in my life . . . my path is littered with resolutions to eat less, spend less, and clean more, for instance.

But it pains me to have to break a promise to you, Dear Reader.

However, I can happily (and honestly!) report that:

The Beast has been Tamed.

Yes, the piece is finished, but due to some time constraints (laundry, vacuuming, groceries and other Monday-ness) I was unable to complete the mounting process and therefore unable to take a photograph for you.  So I'll have to offer proof of my success at our next meeting.

I'd like to also report -- a serendipitous twist! --  that immediately after Friday's post I went to bake the chocolate chip cookies that were supposed to help guide me on my creative journey, and I opened the newspaper while the first batch was in the oven. My eye immediately fell on this:

It was as if Ms. Universe were speaking just to me, and somehow the magic alchemy of spot-on-horoscope-wisdom and hit-the-spot-chocolate-chip-cookies turned the trick and I was able to finish with little additional angst.

It's rare when I wish to thank the Minneapolis Star Tribune's near-useless horoscope writer, so I felt I should take this opportunity to do so now.

And speaking of words of wisdom, I've added a new featurette to my sidebar starting today in which I offer nuggets of quote-y goodness just to reassure all of us that there are still a lot of people operating in this world at an above-8th-grade level.

I'm a quote junkie and there are far more good ones than I will ever have occasion to include in blog posts, so I decided to provide an overflow of sorts.  Which will have the additional benefit of giving you a little bonus on the days when you click on Small Works only to find the same post you read last time and think, "Rats.  Susan's probably doing laundry. I'D LIKE MY TWO SECONDS BACK, PLEASE."

Hopefully, your eye will now travel to the right 

and pick up a little bon mot 
that will make your trouble worthwhile.




Amelia and Justin said...

I've thought about doing a little daily quote in my sidebar as well... Maybe I will do it tomorrow. Seems like a good Tuesday task :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your finished project!
Most of us let ourselves down...especially with the weight loss and cleaning house! LOL

Leenie said...

I am just impressed by your posts. So fun to read and full of cool and unusual old pictures. I know they don't just jump out of the computer by themselves. Nice work!

The Monday quote is/are my new favorite words of wisdom. Learning where to draw the line is so important in life---and art. Good luck with that project. Just relax and trust yourself!

Allie said...

Well I'm glad you tamed the beast, lol - love the Chesterton quote on the side, he's SO quotable!

randi said...

Susan, I love your blog with your funny sense of humor and beautiful work! Thanks for writing it!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, all! You're the best blog friends a girl could have.

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