Mid-week Pictures and Poesy . . .

I love Wednesday's Small Words quote* because I think it applies to any piece of art -- the container into which we fit our story.

* "A novel, in the end, is a container, a shape 
which you are trying to pour your story into." -- Helen Dunmore

Here's a quick snapshot of my new piece -- 
the latest sentence in my own story, I suppose:

The Sun Laughs in Bluebirds, Susan M. Hinckley, 2010

I don't do pieces very often with no words at all on them, but I like to throw one into the mix now and then.

Actually, I've been mulling a nagging desire to do pieces that would illustrate entire poems and not just words or phrases, a more complete melding of story and image.  I started thinking about what type of poem would work best, and I'm still not sure I have an answer.

But I did a piece earlier this year (of which I never had a decent photograph taken and which sold immediately for exactly that reason, I'm sure) that carried the first line of an unwritten poem that had been bumping around in my head for some time.

Now the piece is gone, but the poem has come:


She dreamed her hands 
could hold water and sunlight --
a photosynthesis of self
soul seeds fed and fully sown
growing into something green
quick just beneath the bark, ready
to root deep in dark places
stretch forward and stay
singing every drop 
face up and soaking in
warmth and light
a search for her creation
a reach to unfold the bud
just formed and blinking 
in the bright sustainable day 


Well isn't that just 
the way it goes --

Next time perhaps I'll try to get them 
in the same month 
(if not in the same frame!) 

Until then, I'll just keep 
trying new containers . . .



luanne said...

Well worth the wait for both!

I love "...laughs in bluebirds" -- such a beautiful thought, perfectly illustrated.

And your poetry continues to amaze me. You convey so much with every well-chosen word.

Leenie said...

The bluebirds are just the perfect addition to the sun. Great work!

And the poem is superb. I really like the play of words--soul, sown--soaking. The double meaning of the word "quick." Plus the visual of holding water and sunlight. No wonder the piece sold so quickly! And your customer didn't even know the rest of the story. I wish I'd been there to buy it.

Allie said...

I LOVE your newest piece - oh my gosh nobody tells a story in pictures better than you do.

I love the idea of illustrating words. Well, you've seen my lemon tree. But write them myself? Not so much. You, on the other hand, would do it brilliantly! Your poem is wonderful, it leaves me speechless.

Anonymous said...

I like how you've "reached" into your pile of felt scraps and paint bottles to make the border!

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