I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure . . .

With the dwindling of print media,
being published ain't always what it used to be --

Running to the newsstand
(or the mailbox, depending on how quick they were about sending your copies)

and scanning the index for your name or a picture of your work . . . shrieking with delight, or disappointment, depending on how well the work translated into print.  I've had shrieks of both kinds.

But I was still pretty excited when I got a note yesterday from the folks at Literacyhead saying my work was featured in their current issue. 

I'd signed a permission slip some time ago, but with no timeframe for when my work might fit their editorial needs, I'd kind of put it out of my mind.  And then --


Literacyhead is a terrific site that makes me wish I were a teacher.  The first issue I saw was devoted to the work of Leo Lionni, so to be asked to contribute my own work was flattering indeed.

They define a Literacyhead as:   

"Someone who is intensely serious about exercising creative literacy, making connections across multiple literacies, pursuing thoughtful literacy as an individual and as a teacher, and constantly searching for ideas.  Literacyheads may have expertise in different areas of literacy, but all are committed to children's literacy, passionate about the arts, incessant thinkers, and display a propensity for having fun."

Sign me up! 

Who doesn't want to be described in those terms?

If you know someone who you think 
would benefit from the content 
(and who wouldn't?) 
please refer them to the site!

In other news . . .  I'm having an impossible time finishing the piece I've been working on all week.  Polka dots lose much of their whimsical appeal when you put them on and take them off REPEATEDLY.  My decider hurts from working overtime, and I still can't seem to come up with just the right "je ne sais quoi".

But I'm going to be able to show you the finished piece on Monday.  Absolutely.  Either that, or I'll have given up art altogether.  (Could go either way.) 

Thank goodness the folks at Literacyhead provided me a little external validation.  Now I'm going to look for a bit more fortification in the form of a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and then I'm FOR SURE going to know just what my piece needs to make it sing. 

Happy Friday! 



Leenie said...

Congrats!!!! Nothing like having your hard work recognized by others. Literacyhead looks like a fine site. Any kind of help for(underappreciated underpaid) school teachers rates high on my list. It looks like your work is in good company.

But you're right. There is also nothing like holding that slick printed colored publication WITH YOUR WORK INSIDE! in your hands.

Good luck on finding the sweet spot for the polka dots, and if not, try more cookies.

Amanda and Christopher said...

I believe looking to a chocolate chip cookie for input is exactly the right move here, after all chocolate chip cookies HAVE polka dots!

That looks like a great site to be associated with! Neat!

Allie said...

Congratulations, Susan! And good luck with your piece - I know from experience that chocolate helps a lot.

Karen S said...

Congratulations. What a wonderful honor. I third the chocolate chip cookie.

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