Wednesday's Terrific Tidbit Number . . . whatever-number-we're-on.

As with most things in life, there are good and bad things about having artist children.  The bad things include difficulties finding art-related jobs (and/or paying art-related student loans) but the good things certainly outweigh these pesky negative details.

Case in point -- 
The gift Russ and I received from Lindsay at our joint birthday barbecue last weekend.

Dyed-in-the-wool westerners that we are, 
Russ has always loved goofy jackalopes 
and has long had one hanging in his office:

So Lindsay created a new Jackalope for us using india ink
on rag paper . . .

Jackalope, Lindsay Hinckley, 2010

This jackalope is particularly awesome because it is actually a portrait of her beloved beagle Jack, who is currently filling in for a grandchild, at least until Lindsay finishes her Master of Teaching degree (see difficulty finding art-related jobs, above). 

Jack is a good grandson, for the most part, and dutifully finds Grandma to beg for a cookie as soon as he sets paw in the house but never forces me to change diapers, watch Dora on TV or sleep with him when he is scared.  On the other hand, I never get to change his diapers, watch Dora or snuggle in bed with him. 

But we LOVE our new Jackalope and will frame it and display it proudly! 

And we LOVE our artist children.
(Keep the great gifts coming . . . in fact, Hannah, 
where's that painting of Cooper you started/promised me?!)

We'll see if public shaming is an effective tool 
in the age of social networking.  
I'll keep you posted . . .



Jingle said...


luanne said...

Love the new jackalope -- wow, there's surely no shortage of artistic talent up there in Hinckleyville!

Didn't have a chance to comment yet on your new studio setup, but maybe you can see me across the country glowing bright green with envy. A walkout basement (definitely un-basementy!) with lots of light, a sink, tile floors and a fab antique rug... beautiful.

Judy said...

Bob is going to love this post. He is also a long-time jackalope fan. Nice to see that Lindsay inherited both the talent and the sense of humor that runs in your family!

Amanda and Christopher said...

Love love love it! Love that talented family of yours!

P.S. The new studio is wonderful! So jealous and happy for you!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, all! The new studio is more than I deserve, to be sure, but rest assured that I earned every bit of the mess that's still covering half the floor . . .

Bob said...

Jackalope is particularly appropriate given the dog's name. I think that when the dog meets its demise, that its head should also be stuffed, with added horns, and added to your living room wall. Then maybe the next dog could be named Jill...

susan m hinckley said...

Bob! The very suggestion! I don't know how Lindsay will feel about that idea (but it would be funny).

the mama said...

the beagle-ope is amazing! i would buy a print of this in a heartbeat.

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