Monday Miracle.

At last -- the working part of the studio is ready for . . . WORKING!  There are still plenty of piles in the other half, but I can't afford the lovely little sofa I want for that part yet anyway, so I'll just take my time working on putting the rest of it away.  My biggest problem continues to be that I can't remember where I've put things, even though this space is going to be so utterly convenient, I can't believe it.

Nearly everything within arm's reach!


And such a big table!

This is definitely the cleanest this table will ever be.  Once the threads start flying, further photo shoots are unlikely.  The rug under my desk is one of my favorite possessions -- it was in my brother's room growing up, and I've never had a place to enjoy it in this house.  Hello again, old friend!  I've also filled the walls with many of the things I love. 

My family's work (Lindsay's on the left, for instance, from way back in high school) hangs next to my earlier work everywhere I look.  Eclectic, but happy.

And there's even a counter-height table!  (which you can't see a picture of quite yet for . . . ahem . . . messy reasons.) Does this mean the end of kitchen closures for framing week?  Theoretically (but we'll see).

Several family members have expressed the idea (with some concern) that now that Mom's settled here, WE'RE NEVER MOVING.  I say, make me an offer. . . . I can think of a few places I'd happily move.  But this is definitely the most kickin' space I've ever had, and I'm giddy with excitement and gratitude.

Hannah has a corner for her work table as well:

It's tucked neatly beside the fireplace and will be a nice little reminder of her when she's away at school.

And now it's time to hit it, and HARD, because I've got to be ready for the ACC San Francisco show in August.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it, but my trusty booth hand has cleared the books in his incredibly busy life and is going to load up the truck and drive me across the country.  I don't pay him enough.

So if you're in the San Francisco area, I hope you'll clear the books as well August 13-15.  I've never done a west coast show, and am eager to introduce my little friends to that part of the world (and seeing some friendly faces would sure put us at ease!)

And if you're closer to my neck of the woods, 
come on over and break in the studio!
Just step over the piles
(. . . my desk is over HERE, remember?)

Happy Memorial Day Monday!



Amelia and Justin said...

Drat. If only you were going to San Fran. one week earlier, you could stop by Phoenix on your way and see us while we are there... Oh well. It sounds fun, and I am sure it will be great!

And, I am loving the studio space - I am sure it will be fabulous for you. How about I come over and watch some Twin Peaks while you work (since that's where I watched the whole series :)?

Karen S said...

Oh my -- what a beautiful space -- with a sink! Wow. And, best of all, a DOOR. Tell me, does it have a lock too? Just wondering...

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Susan,

Your studio is lovely! You have a Sink too! That is something I wanted and didn't get . :(
Oh well, I need to add pictures of my studio to my Blog too. Yesterday I added a photo of my Bird Corner. :)
If you have a minute please visit my blog so you can see it. Please leave a comment.

Allie said...

What a gorgeous space, Susan, I'm really coveting those cupboards! I can't wait to see what comes out of this lovely place!

kristin said...

i'd sure love to trade your space for my water heater soaked boxed in and dark area i've got to work with. you deserve such a space!

susan m hinckley said...

Well, Kristin -- Hang in there, because it's all about ages and stages. I've had a room in nearly all of our different houses, but this is by far the biggest space. Although being in the basement is going to prove to be an adjustment for me (all those stairs!)At least it's a walk-out so it's light.

Get those kiddies grown up and you'll get yourself out of the basement. And in the meantime, come visit!

Anonymous said...

Really nice studio space, Susan. I hope that you can forge ahead with your work and not be paralyzed by all those clean surfaces!

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