Friday Farewell . . . but first:



I will tell the truth no matter

how heavy or strange

mouth frozen open

face locked

lips too stiff to whisper

tell you all with few

words, spare

but brim and slant

pressed by the weight

of what you want to hear.


This poem is a magpie tale.
Please write your own!
And visit Magpie Tales for some
interesting weekend reading . . .

And now, here's a secret I've been keeping:

Is it that I hate to drive?  No, everyone knows that.

Is it that I have never been to Missouri?  Could be, but who would care?

Is it that I have to drive to Missouri 
BY MYSELF this weekend?

Maybe, but that would be unthinkable.  Ludicrous.  Wait . . . .

REALLY?!  Whatever for?

That's what I keep asking myself. (er . . . I mean . . . family reunion). 

But Small Works will return (positive thinking!) 
after I have driven myself back home from Missouri, June 14.  
Just in time for dental surgery. Yippee!

Be good while I'm gone! 

I'll be keeping an eye from over at 



kathew said...

Happy Trails to YOU! Look at it this way-you can stop anywhere!

luanne said...

I'm enjoying your Magpie Tales.

A family reunion followed by dental surgery... hope you're getting the worst of your summer plans over with all at once! (Actually I've been to some fun midwestern family reunions.)

But at least now you have a beautiful studio to come home and recuperate in.

Safe travels!

Judy said...

Another great poem. I'm expecting the smh anthology to be published someday.

Missouri--home of Lambert's Cafe and their Amazing Throwed Rolls. I don't know WHERE in Missouri you are going, but there is a Lambert's in Sikeston and one in Ozark. It's definitely worth the drive, even if you hate to drive!

Karen S said...

What a great poem -- I went to that site and thought that I would write my own poem, but yours kept echoing in my head. I guess I'll have to get there first next time.:o)

I drove to Arkansas for a family reunion once -- had a wonderful time. Hope yours is as fun. Drive safely.

mypoeticlicense said...

Not sure if you're talking to her, or if she's talking (somehow!), but love the ambiguity of it either way!

That last line...

"pressed by the weight
of what you want to hear."


- Dina

susan m hinckley said...

I have already considered that I could stop anywhere, which will be nice, especially if it involves something called an Amazing Throwed Roll (thanks, Judy!)

So glad that some of you are enjoying reading a little poetry now and then, because I'm having great fun writing it!


Amelia and Justin said...

Have fun in Branson! :) Give my parents a big hug for me, k? Actually, you could just give everyone a hug for me ;o)

soulintention said...

Have a great time in Missouri....with the family....cute post....bkm

Kimmie said...

you express the nature and life of secrets told :)

happy travels - play the radio :)

rel said...

I expect that she tells a different secret to each listener, but then you knew that!
Nice magpie poem.

Aoife.Troxel said...

I like the bit about the pressure of what you want to hear, I thought that was great.

Helen said...

Oh my ... I have spent many a fine hour driving throughout Missouri! Wish I could take your place ~ but then your family would miss YOU! Nice Magpie ......

Tumblewords: said...

Ah, the secret! Have a great trip and maybe you could return too late for the dental surgery? I'd sure try. :)

Everyday Goddess said...

have a great trip, what a creative way to leave a note on your front door

RNSANE said...

Safe travels!!!

What a great job you did with this magpie tale. I hope I can come up with something half as good!

At 65, I've done it! My poetry book - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy - is out on Amazon!
( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )

willow said...

WT comes from a long line of Missour-ah boys. Safe travels. Enjoy those billboards. (I swear, there's more billboards in MO than anywhere else in the world.)

Vicki Lane said...

Haunting! And I love those closing lines.

spacedlaw said...

Good magpie.

Brian Miller said...

i hope that you had a great trip and are home safe at this point...nice magpie, we do tend to slant our words, you only need to read the comments we get to tell. smiles. nice magpie!

Kimberly said...

Came here via Magpie and am deeply smitten by your evocative words. Lovely!

Bon Voyage!

Alexis said...

This is my second Magpie and I love it.
I loved the opening lines (and the rest that followed!):
"I will tell the truth no matter
how heavy or strange"

Lena said...

I enjoyed the poem. Oh, what life's secrets hold.

Hope the surgery went well!

Jingle said...

2nd magpie,
but top tale!
you are creative and fun...
lovely writing!

C.M. Jackson said...

great magpie! look forward to reading more

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