I survived I-35 . . . Can I have a treat?


I'm back from my adventure, having added two new states to my list:  Missouri and Arkansas.  My family spent a delightful week in Branson, MO, eating barbecue and stomping our feet to corny country music.  We also took a field trip one day to Eureka Springs, AR, a quaint ol' town chock full of shops and galleries, for some retail therapy.

It was wonderful to catch up with everyone and the scenery was just beautiful!  I wish I could have tucked a few blooming trees into my suitcase to set them up where I can see them every day . . . but unfortunately, MN is in a different zone
(read: universe)
when it comes to those kinds of things.

Deadlines looming as they are, it was supposed to be a working vacation (by which I mean a vacation on which I put in at least a couple of stitches!) but for some reason I . . . ummm . . . forgot how to thread my needle when I returned to my hotel room each night, so I remain woefully behind.

The idea is that two big pieces are going to be finished in time for San Francisco,

and since I seem to work best (or, to be quite honest, work only) under pressure,
I'm sure I'll get them done with seconds to spare.

One thing I didn't forget for even a second:  
The Molar-Numbing Nightmare 
coming at me tomorrow morning, 

 Open wide, Susie -- this won't hurt a bit!  
And you can have a sticker!!

a little exploratory surgery conducted right next door to my gag reflex which will involve, among other things, stitches.  And while I'm usually a big fan of stitching in all its myriad forms, decorative-dental-embroidery is an art form for which I have not developed much appreciation . . .

Oh well, it can't be worse than I've imagined it will be, right?  



Anyway, it's the endodontist who should be worried, since she'll be the one directly in the line of fire of my finely-tuned gag reflex.

And I'm sure I'll survive . . . 

I've done hard things before . . .

after all . . .

I drove myself to-and-from Missouri, didn't I?
 (and you didn 't think I could do it.)




luanne said...

Glad your trip turned out well, it's always a good sign when you take projects to work on and then don't find the time. Great Missouri postcard!

As for your dental surgery, ick/eek! But it can't be any worse than you imagine, since you're surely imagining the even-worse-than-worst possibilities (and I fully relate to such tendencies). Good luck, and maybe ask for a little pain prescription along with that sticker!

Jingle said...


Happy Friday..
Thank you for commenting on my magpie tale!

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