A delightful time was had by all.

Sorry I missed our usual Friday blog date . . . 
I was actually busy at a  


It happens so infrequently, I had to pinch myself to be sure it was real.  

But Hannah and I were kindly invited to a blog get-together by my new friend Kristin over at Kleas, where I also met another local stitcher, Erica from Fox and Owl.

The get together was in honor of a Minneapolis visit
from one of my heroes-of-the-needle, Mimi Kirchner.  

(I felt like a 
terrible dork gushing over her
the way I did, 
and unfortunately I was
too afraid I'd look extra stupid 
by taking my camera 
so I sadly left it home.  

Everyone else had theirs, so I won't make that mistake again.

Luckily our hostess was kind enough to take a picture and send it to me!
And it gets even dorkier . . . I actually squealed  because I
TOUCHED a piece of wool that had been touched 
by Salley Mavor, who gave it to Mimi . . . EEK!)   

If you don't know Mimi's work, you should click away immediately and visit her blog, Doll, where you will also find a link to her Etsy shop.  (Be sure to watch Etsy's video interview of her to see her in action.) There's also a free pattern for one of her dolls available on Purl's website, if you have itchy fingers.

Mimi brought generous gifts, including note cards and magnets.  These are my magnets -- yippee!

Mimi's designs just make me happy, and I visit her sites often to see what bit of brilliance she's producing on any given day.  Someday, I'll own one of her dolls.  But which one??!!

It's only the second time I've met blogger buddies, 
but I have learned one thing . . .

blogger friends are EASY. 
Even for a shy studio rat such as myself. 

It's like instant-friend-mix -- just add water . . . (or tea, diet coke, guacamole -- whatever the occasion warrants) and stir.

In fact, I wish you'd all stop by for a visit. . . 

I made cupcakes!

(mine are actually white with white frosting, my favorite . . . just wanted to be truthful)

  And I've got a new studio!



luanne said...

Lucky you, a blog-friends party and a new studio to work in! I checked out Mimi's blog & etsy... especially love her swaddly babies.

Please eat a delicious cupcake on my behalf and have a fun weekend in your new creative suite. (More photos please, maybe you'll inspire/guilt me into making some progress with my own chaos.)

susan m hinckley said...

Would you like guilt and inspiration in your photos or reality? I can push the piles to one side and get a few more select photos, or I can photograph the mountain left to put away (not to mention the straggly little piles left upstairs . . . I can go either way. Which would you like? (wish you'd been at the party!)

susan m hinckley said...

hmmmm ... posting comments without my glasses . . . . not a good idea! Sorry about the little punctuation glitch there. Hope there's not one here as well!

Amelia and Justin said...

I'll be on the first flight out for a party!

Oh. Wait... Darn. Can't come right now. Eat a cupcake for me! :)

susan m hinckley said...

I can eat TWO for you, because you're eating for two. Unfortunately, I've already eaten two today . . . so that will make 4. Probably not a good idea, but not out of the question, either!

Allie said...

Leave the light on for me, I'll be right there, lol! I love meeting blog friends, you're so right. I LOVE Mimi's work - been a follower for a very long time. Lucky you! Enjoy those cupcakes, eat at least 3 for me. Love the sneaky peek at your studio!

mimi k said...

I am so glad that this meet-up happened. It was wonderful to meet you and your daughter! If you ever come east- you know what to do, right? Come on over!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, Mimi -- I'll be there with bells on. I so appreciated being included in your little party! Now I'll have to look for an excuse to make a trip . . .

kristin said...

lovely post susan, i'm so happy we met and your daughter is such a doll too!

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