I'm not quite ready for an unveiling yet. . .

but significant progress has been made!  My new space is really starting to feel like home, and I'm getting excited to have a different place to go every morning (even if it's only DOWNSTAIRS instead of UPSTAIRS.  It doesn't take much to excite me.)

Hannah refers to it as a "Creative Suite" rather than a studio, which may be an apt name since she's my roommate here for the summer and we plan to have some significant creativity going on across a broad spectrum of media.

Right now we're mostly just fighting over the TV remote.
Seems she doesn't share my undying love of Bonanza . . . I'll let you know how that battle goes.

But in the meantime, let's visit another spectacular space from the book 
Hand & Home -- The Homes of American Craftsmen  (see previous post),
the home of one of my favorite artists:

Thomas Mann.  (yes, it's a link)

If you're not familiar with his jewelry, what's wrong with you?  Get busy!  I've loved his work for years, and one of the things I love about his house is that it looks just like his work.

I'm absolutely delighted when I encounter someone's personal space that is like a fluid, 3 dimensional portrait.

In the living room, many of the accessories and some of the furniture pieces are made by craftsmen Tom knows.  He made the glass-topped steel table and the chair in the foreground, as well as the sculptures in back. The mixture of natural materials and metal with the black-and-white punctuation remind me a great deal of some of his jewelry designs, and provide a perfect example of the elements of his work that I find so appealing.

In the dining room, Tom made the table and chairs.  He also made the standing light in the corner.  The zigzag light going up the center of the chimney piece is neon tubing.  The painting is by a friend.

In this view, you can see the top of the table, which consists of glass atop a bed of pea gravel on which he has arranged railroad scrap salvaged around local tracks.

In this view, you can see what is perhaps my favorite feature of the room:  the pasteboard cutouts on the hearth.  The baby, dog and cat make up what Tom refers to as his "low-maintenance family."  Tee hee!

  Tom found the piece hanging on the wall, an accidental sculpture that fell off a New Orleans bus entitled "908".

The kitchen provides perhaps the best example of my favorite decorating rule:

If you like it, 
it will all look good together.  

The confluence of vintage and modern creates a wonderful mishmash that would provide plenty for my eyes and mind to explore while waiting for my cookies to finish baking . . .

That's all for today -- 
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  

Hmmm . . . Now that I'm looking around, my own space looks rather p-l-a-i-n.
Good thing I still have plenty of stuff to brighten it up.
Now where did I leave that hammer . . . ?


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Allie said...

My hubby would kill for that table - what a lively space!

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