And now for something COMPLETELY different.

Blue Willow

Something hidden.

I want to lick off drips

of gravy, love

ladled on brown

and thick, an ooze

around my meat

and the potatoes

crisp skinned

creamy fleshed and white,

a deep pair

of pockets ready to hold

whatever comes.

As I eat your pattern

is revealed --

a lovely memory

full and so satisfying.


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And why is there such a poem
about Blue Willow china 
on Small Works today?

There's a good reason, 
and if you 
come back tomorrow, 
I'll explain.

a Monday Mystery . . . 



willow said...

This is one yumalicious poem!

Helen said...

Evokes memories of all those meals I consumed from the very colorful china my grandmother collected. So enjoyed your Magpie!

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, yes, the comfort food that covers the legend. Delicious piece!

Caty said...

i love the playfulness of this. It almost makes me hungry for mashed potatoes and gravy! Guess I'll be coming back tomorrow! Happy Monday!

Brian Miller said...

ha. love it. i am on my way to dinner so you got me properly hungry...but also to see what is beneath it. nice magpie!

Jingle said...

inviting and fun!

Allie said...

Well I do love a good mystery!

joanny said...

Makes me want to run out and buy Blue Willow china for the holidays.
deliciously descriptive.


little hat said...

Lovely flow in this poem. Revealing the mystery as it goes.

Lyn said...

I love that I could taste every bit..and it was delicious!

Enchanted Oak said...

From one gravy lover to another, I really enjoyed this. The ladle of love!

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