And now . . . an explanation (and a Tuesday Tidbit)

If you read yesterday's post, you know that it was a little different.

I didn't intend to write that poem,
but when my eyes popped open in the morning -- there it was!
So I scribbled in the margins of my bedside crossword
and then ran to the computer,
hoping to capture the moment.

And I knew it was just the thing to introduce a new series on Small Works:

Small Works' Delectable Selections

I know, it sounds like a line of gourmet cat food, but it is actually:

a smashing array of stuff so spectacular,
I just gotta' share it!

If you prefer, we can just call it 
"Little Things I Like A Lot" 
or to be shorter still,

Terrific Tidbits.

And I'm not referring to my own poem of course, but rather to the website that inspired it:

Magpie Tales,
which I came across while enjoying
a delicious post on one of my favorite blogs,
Textilosophy Oz. 

The idea just delighted me -- 
A random prompt about which anyone and everyone may write a piece of their choosing.

A week-long poetry slam!  
Every week!  

Daily proof that a world full of strangers
is still capable of producing goodness and tremendous beauty.

I've just come across several things lately that tickled me down to my toes
and so I thought I'd spend a few days sharing them with you.

Things that speak volumes, while often saying very little.

Or details easily missed.

The understory.

Background beauty.

Coming across a thing I love feels like such a gift --

a bright coin on my path, a quick glint in the sun, 
unclaimed and waiting to be pocketed. 
I simply must pick it up.

And what about you?  Don't you have any Terrific Tidbits rattling around in your pockets that you should be sharing with the group?  Are you hoarding your treats?  Because Small Works is all about sharing!  So everybody, empty your pockets on the table and let us take a look.

Here's mine for today,
courtesy of Mimi Kirchner.

She shared one of her personal mantras with us the other day
that seems to be just the tagline for my Terrific Tidbits:

You never know 
what will happen 
when you leave 
the house . . .

 (so get out and look around -- yes, it's a homework assignment.)

Ta-ta for Tuesday!

(tomorrow, a new bit of brilliance from Maira Kalman.)



Allie said...

Looking forward to your terrific tidbits, Susan!

kristin said...

love your mimi quote...the her quote inspire the piece? or vice-versa? love all your tidbits susan :)

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