My hubcap has arrived!


Yes . . . hubcap.  

I'm delighted to have been asked to participate in the Landfill Art Project (check out the gallery!) and can't wait to begin creating my contribution.  It will be a combination of embroidery and painting, and my hubcap is perfectly shaped to provide just the right canvas for my idea.  It will be really fun for me to put my current stamp on something that is so different from most of the work I'm doing now.

But not so different from the work I used to do.

I've made a lot of work in the past 20 years or so.


In fact, I should do some show and tell to give you an idea of the kinds of things I've dabbled in, and I think I'll spend some time in March doing just that.  Starting . . . now.

The bulk of my work, before I returned to needlework, consisted of transforming things into something else.

whimsical clocks and birdhouses were a specialty


Not unlike making art out of a hubcap.  In fact, if I'd come across a hubcap 20 years ago, it's not hard to imagine what it would have looked like when I finished with it.

I painted many, many wooden bowls

and created an entire heavenly host of variety angels

Nothing escaped my carving tools,


tin snips

my nativities were perhaps my favorite creations (why didn't I keep one?!)

and button box.

It was a lot of fun because my mind was continually solving problems and my eyes were forever seeing the possibilities in things.

I only wish Etsy had been invented back then, because it would have been a perfect venue for the literally hundreds of "smalls" that I produced.

Oh well, Etsy exists now!

And today I've got my embroidery prints up, as well as some paintings, and the collages are on their way as well.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of my hubcap.  I'm aiming for an Earth Day unveiling, if I can manage it . . . it's good to have deadlines.

And because it's a new destination
(but somehow also a trip down memory lane . . .)
this is a ride I really plan to enjoy!


Allie said...

Well I was drooling all over your pics of your projects, then I got to the last picture, and it was the car I've ALWAYS WANTED. Right there on your blog. And my head went empty.

Love your style, Susan!

luanne said...

Congrats on your Etsy expansion. So many temptations there, the hardest part will be choosing! I'm working on it...

And very intriguing, the hubcap project and imagining how your embroidery will feature there. Also fun to see how your work has evolved over the years. When did you start doing the "Susan" eyes?

susan m hinckley said...

I used to paint a lot of suns and they always had the mischievous sideways look, although the eyes were a bit different.

So I guess I didn't really start the eyes until I started my wool work. I have no idea why -- I just did the first face that way and liked it I guess, and you know my rule: never change anything . . . ever! I know, it's a bad rule.

Amelia and Justin said...

The first thing Justin said when I showed him your Etsy shop was, "Well, we'll have to buy a few of the prints." I like my husband. He has such good tastes.

We are still planning on purchasing one of your Conversation Pieces as well - I'm not sure when, and actually, I'm not sure which one. Justin and I haven't fully decided. We are definitely looking forward to adding some Susan Hinckley artwork to our home, though!

susan m hinckley said...

I'm delighted and honored! I'm always happy when my children go to live with my favorite people.

Salley Mavor said...

I'm having so much fun seeing what pictures from your "clip file" you've found to match your words. It's also enlightening to see your evolution from wooden pieces to softer materials, when sewing took over. That I can understand!

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