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I don't share my doodles very often, but this one seemed appropriate because something I've been thinking about for a LONG TIME is about to be realized!

Ever since I started stitching my Small Works I've wished I could share them with more people.  Because they're so gosh darn labor intensive (and one of a kind!) they're by necessity a little . . .*ahem* . . . pricey . . . but I'm always saddened when someone loves a piece that they just can't adopt.

However, because my pieces are so very tactile, I haven't known how to go about printing them in a way that would not diminish that part of their appeal.

But finally -- finally! -- I've devised a method I'm happy with.

The pieces are printed on Epson Radiant White watercolor paper in beautiful matte inks. Then they are painstakingly cut out and mounted on an even thicker watercolor paper.

The result is that the textures pop and the colors sing! 

And if you're the kind of person who wants to see every tiny stitch, you can!

Not every piece will be available.  Some of them reproduce better than others.  And any pieces that have things like wires popping off the tops present a challenge for this method.  But I love a good challenge.  (So if there's a particular piece you'd like, send me an email and we'll see what we can do.) 

I'll be listing them a few at a time in my Etsy shop, as promised, beginning Monday March 1. 

I have Chelsea to thank for the beautiful prints.  (My miracle printer is a little PICKY when it comes to things like loading paper, so I try to stay away from it.)  And Hannah's going to be managing my Etsy shop in return for some continued school funding. She spends a good deal of her time and money on Etsy anyway, so I think the job will be a good fit for her.

I hope you'll stop by soon to see what's new. . .




Allie said...

Sounds lovely - can't wait to see!

Chelsea said...

hooray!! i'm so glad they look AMAZING!!! i can't wait to see one completely put together. i will definitely be needing to own one...or five.

Lisa Cannon said...

I would love to won the sock monkey one. It is a favorite but I know it has a lot of "stuff" around the edge. I'm so glad you will be able to reach a wider audience.

Lisa Cannon said...

...or own...

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