It's Wednesday, and I'm just wondering . . .

Why I got socked with a cold overnight?!

I was hoping to have everyone over for a little 
Small Works Tea Party,

complete with deliciously delicate little pink cakes
(oooooh!  buttermints molded into lovely spring flower shapes!)

and plenty of juicy tidbits of gossip about the neighbors.

I do hope you hadn't already dressed for the party!


(I spent most of yesterday afternoon starching the ruffle on my polka dot apron

but now it would just look silly with my sweatpants.)

I guess I'm just going to spend the day alone,
looking something like this:


and feeling sorry for myself.

(If they didn't have coconut on them, I'd eat the whole plate of teacakes!)

But please do come by when you hear my nose stop blowing -- 
I can't guarantee such a sumptuous spread, 
but I do promise I'll try to have


Happy Wednesday!


Judy said...

All my friends seem to have colds. It must be an internet virus. Get better soon!

Pam said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I was bragging (on an "empty your handbag to reveal contents" theme going around the blogging community lately)about how I only carry around a small purse containing money and lipstick. Got caught in the city yesterday with runny nose and no tissues. That will teach me...and today for my smugness I have a low-grade virus, and itchy throat like your picture! hope your feeling better soon Susan.x

susan m hinckley said...

Well alright -- seems like there must be an internet virus going around . . . from CA to MN to Australia! Let's hope it's a short-lived one and we're all ourselves again soon.

Thanks for the well-wishes, and right back at ya'!

Allie said...

Oh no - hope you're feeling 100% soon, Susan!!! That picture of the kitties at the tea party made me laugh out loud!

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