Monday, Monday . . . Can't trust that day . . .


Monday already!

Well, it means we've almost survived the rush. Of course there have been the usual last minute disasters (glass not fitting in frames, etc.) but that's all forgotten now.

Er . . . I mean . . .
I hope I haven't forgotten anything . . .

Tree decorated? Check.
Thanksgiving weight lost? Check.
Gifts wrapped? Check.
Cleaning? Laundry? Groceries? Triple check.
Serenity returned to the home? Check.

You should know by now that I
may possibly be a compulsive liar --

If any of those things are actually true
at your house, please raise your hand.

And please take a picture and send it to me so I can dream sweet Christmas dreams while I'm hanging out in the Grinch's lair

(for one more week.)

Now . . . thank you for your patience.

Please just leave me be for one more afternoon
and I'll check in on you tomorrow
before I pack the sleigh!

Monday, Monday --
sometimes it just turns out that way . . .


Allie said...

Sitting firmly on my hands here, and watching the Grinch on tv, lol!

Amelia and Justin said...

I guess I could say we are decorated for Christmas here, but that's not really fair. We only brought a table runner, a plate and our stockings...everything else is in storage in AZ. But, Justin has already lost his Thanksgiving weight, and then some - it's melting off him like butter. I think we can be happy for him though :)

Good luck in Chicago. I wish we could come. We considered making the drive out there, but we're going to be out of town already. Maybe next year...

susan m hinckley said...

I've already watched "The Grinch" on TV as well, while I should have been busy doing something else but instead was eating chocolate marshmallow ice cream. I remain unapologetic. And a table runner, a plate and some stockings sounds like just the right amount of Christmas decor for my taste this year :)

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