The Countdown Continues . . .

Yes, preparations (and insanity) are ongoing --

Luckily there's plenty of pie and diet Coke to keep me well-hydrated and revved up on calories.

I hope someone (everyone!) within the sound of my keyboard is planning to drop in to the Merchandise Mart next week to say "hello"?

I'm bringing some of my favorite children for show-and-tell (sorry Lindsay, Chelsea and Hannah -- I mean my
other children, but please walk the dog while we're in Chicago . . .)

p.s. Just when you think you can't go on, you get a lovely infusion of
"good stuff" -- check out Salley Mavor's new blog (you'll find the link, newly added to my blog list) if your eyes are tired of bargains and just need to be soothed with a little loveliness. *sigh*

Happy Leftovers Weekend!


Allie said...

Oh how I wish I could come!!!! I do wish you much success though.

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