I'll See You in my Dreams . . .

Russ looked at me this morning and shook his head as he gave me a little pat. "We've got to get this show over," he said.

He's right --
I'm getting just about as dotty
as my picture frames.

My dreams the past few nights have included some real lulus, including (but not limited to) the following:

1) I've decided I need to have an obituary photo taken that I can keep on file, because I have a disease that may or may not kill me. But posing the shot is difficult, because I'm most concerned that the picture show how great I look in my black jeans (from behind, naturally. It's a dream, remember?) It's difficult, of course, to turn my head sufficiently to get my rump and my face in the same shot without it looking -- well -- forced.

2) Homeland Security is after me because I've been sending threatening emails, signed "Frequent Flier." I knew it was Homeland Security when strange men started calling the house asking if they could speak to "Frequent." But mostly I was concerned that Russ would be angry at me because I'd marred the good name of airline loyalty programs.

3) I've forgotten to drive the carpool for the entire school year, which also means one of my daughters has had a bit of a truancy issue. This must be some kind of new twist on the always popular "I've forgotten to attend class for the entire semester" dream, and probably stems from the fact that I need to do things like get my advent calendar out before I leave today (because it's *yikes!* December). Thank goodness I haven't been responsible for any actual carpools for some years now -- I'm probably not reliable enough.
Let's be honest.

And my personal favorite:

4) I've decided to add a stand-up comedy routine to my booth, and I can't wait to try out my jokes! In fact, throughout that particular dream, Barbara Streisand was wailing "Something Big is Coming . . ." but the big thing was actually my hair, because I had also decided to return to a large 1980's hairstyle that involved hours with a curling iron (and a lot more hair than I actually have). Don't worry, by the time I woke up I'd forgotten all the jokes.

But I am really,
truly excited for this show!

And not just because some of my favorite restaurants are in Chicago, although I admit that does factor in a teeny, tiny bit . . .

I've loved showing my wool works
for the past 5 years,
but now I can't wait to show my new work.
Something different!

I'll have three bodies of work in my booth this year, and I think they may all appeal to slightly different audiences:

Even if nobody comes or cares,
I've accomplished something
I'm genuinely happy about.

Now I've just got to write a few good jokes
and we'll be ready to load things up . . .

If I don't see you in Chicago, Small Works will return December 7 full of all kinds of fun, including everyone's favorite blog hour, "The Show Report", and a kick-off for

Small Works' Holiday Spectacular Giveaway!

And then . . . Hooray! . . .
we can talk about something else for a change.

In the meantime -- Did you hear the one about the terrorist with the big hair who forgot to drive the carpool for an entire year but it was okay because she looked so hot in her jeans?


I'll be here all weekend, folks!
Two shows on Saturday . . .


stfrank said...

Amazing accomplishment just being prepared for your show! And, I'm all for any dreams where one's rear end looks good. I so, so wish I could see you and your works. Since the day I met you I admired your artistry and talents and more recently have been truly inspired by your journey. Have a slice of deep dish pie for me while in Chicago that way the calories won't count, it can be considered more of a giving thing...Russ too! Have a truly amazing, awe inspiring, eye poppin', booty shakin', soul stirrin', show stoppin' time!

luanne said...

oh, i'm so sad not to be able to come and see you. please take lots of photos, especially of works you haven't shown us yet! bird geek that i am, i'm especially curious about your new sky songs, i loved the few you've shown already.

hope you have a wonderful show!

Judy said...

Good luck with the show! I would love to be there to see it in person. Well, except for the cold and snow part. I don't do cold and snow anymore. I'm hoping for lots of pictures. It sounds like you have some wonderful new surprises up your woolen sleeve!

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks so much for your well-wishes -- I've packed the camera, but I really wish I could see all of you!

Off to bed -- the 3am departure comes rather early . . . *yawn*

Sara and Cory said...

GOOD LUCK!! I have the "I've missed a class for a whole year" dream all. the. time!! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Allie said...

Oh you are a hoot! Have a great show!

VO said...

By now you are there selling all kinds of new works and enjoying the foods of Chicago. Mucho luck with the show. Have fun.

btw, loved the dreams and will leave you with this:

Your butt is behind you, the past is behind you and doesn't matter any more. Face forward with no more butts.

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