Miracles of Modern Air Travel . . . and a breakfast bagel sandwich to die for, or at least walk 3 blocks for.

1) An aisle seat -- BOTH WAYS!! Fate was smiling on me after my complaining about never getting an aisle seat. By now Fate should know that it is dangerous to reward me for complaining.

2) An empty seat (the only one on the plane) between me and the gentleman seated on my row. Almost never happens anymore.

3) An empty ROW for my flight home.

4) Two take-offs, two landings,
no mishaps.

(Just how I like it.)

I have eaten myself silly.
I have spent all my money.
I have raised time-wasting to the level of art.
I have been beaten at canasta
soundly and repeatedly.

Did I mention I have eaten myself silly?

Let's examine each of these categories individually:

1) Eating. New bagel deli down the street from my sister's house. Perfect attendance for breakfast. And I did manage to fit 3 enormous mexican meals into the week (one of which will be detailed in a later post) as well as a whole lot of other stuff.

I remain

2) Spending.
I'm not much of a mall shopper but my sister practically lives there, so I like to do all of my mall-shopping for the year while I'm visiting her.

It's okay because there's a bakery
I like at the mall and my spending
is rewarded with cookies
(and new clothes).

3) Time wasting.
We had a little craft project in mind which turned out to suck most of our available time and resources. And it also (unfortunately) turned out to just suck.

There's a long story behind the mirror in this project, which I may or may not share with you at a future time. Let's just say something had to be done and this is what we did.

It required 3 trips to Michaels,
2 trips to TJ Maxx,
and one to JoAnn's,
Home Depot,
and Ross.

And after our first supply-shopping day was an abject failure, rather than give up we spent the entire next day visiting every Goodwill in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

FYI: Phoenix has
good Goodwills.
I can only attribute this

to an abundance of

grandmas' houses

that need to be cleaned out.

If you are an antiques dealer

within the sound of my keyboard,

don't waste another moment.

4) Canasta. The laws of probability probably do not support my contention that I was dealt repeatedly bad hands over a period of several days.

I don't care about laws --
I refuse to accept responsibility
for my defeat.
I can't be THAT dumb
or bad at cards
and only be realizing it now.

When I returned home, my husband met me at the airport with an enormous bouquet of flowers and a bag of Australian liquorice.

(Yes, I was that lucky girl getting flowers at the airport!)

All in all it was a delightful vacation, and definitely worth enduring the horrors of air travel. In fact, I'd do it again next week. And then again in January. And February. (And probably March, now that I think of it.)

My sincerest thanks to all who participated.
I shall be anxiously awaiting an invitation to return (hint hint . . .)


Judy said...

Okay, I want to travel with you. That's a lot of fun (and good eats) crammed into a short period of time.

Amelia and Justin said...

Uh...that invitation is always an open invitation.

It was so much fun! I wish we could have spent more time together - but it was great to see you!! Hopefully we will see you in February. (No word yet...)

Allie said...

Sounds like you had a good time - good for you! Especially for remaining unapologetic about the food, yum!

luanne said...

sorry you weren't happy with the outcome of your mosaic project, but you gave it your best try.

please tell me where the good Goodwills are! our local one is pretty sad, but maybe we don't have enough older grandmas' treasure houses down here.

is the bagel deli a chain spot? on second thought, probably better if i don't know...

Jessie said...

...you were in Arizona? :(

Lisa Cannon said...

I have come up with a good spot to hang mine I hope. You will have to see it when you come again. You know the invitation, food, and frustration are always here for you anytime you can brave the actual flight and the cost of the ticket!

susan m hinckley said...

LuAnne -- Not a chain, I'm afraid, and you're right -- it's a good thing for all of us! I'd recommend the bacon, egg and cheese. Pepsi products, however, so you have to walk next door to McDonald's for your drink. Now are you getting a sense of our time-wasting capabilities?

Jessie -- Although I didn't see you, I thought fondly of you. But there are too many scorpions at your house! :)

Lis -- Glad you found a spot for it! I think it turned out okay -- I wish my mirror were a little less beat-up, but we did come up with great colors. Which one was that really great Goodwill we found? Do you remember?

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