Fear of NOT flying.

Let's face it -- that's what we should call it.

Because I have no problem as long as we keep flying.
It's a scenario in which we suddenly stop flying that I worry about.

I've always been a flying chicken, which is a little ironic for the longtime wife of an airline executive. I do it, but I have to fully reconcile myself to my own demise every time I get on a plane . . . which is both ridiculous and exhausting.

But I fly --
because I'm basically an intelligent and reasonable person.
And it gets me where I want to go.

I know, I know . . . air travel is perfectly safe.

An unpleasant ordeal for a claustrophobic such as myself WHO CAN ABSOLUTELY NEVER SEEM TO GET AN AISLE SEAT, but perfectly safe.

I understand the basic principles of physics involved
and I'm familiar with the statistics.

I understand it . . . I just don't BELIEVE it.

There has to be magic at work somewhere because I can hardly lift my own suitcase, let alone the enormous man in the seat next to me. And yet the plane just picks us all up and deposits us wherever we want to go.

And does no one else find it unsettling

that the place you catch your plane is called a TERMINAL??!!

But next week I really want to go to Phoenix for some desert fun with my sister (which is usually accomplished in malls, restaurants, and movie theaters)


We have a little project we've been mulling over, so I may actually make something worthwhile while I'm there, in addition to the extra fat I make and have to carry home with me.

I also hope to meet a blog friend for guacamole
(green icing on my prickly cactus cake of fun!)

And speaking of flying,
look what built a nest in my studio trees this week:

I'm having lots of fun with these little birdies.
I just hope they haven't left so many
"holes in the sky"
with their music

that my airplane falls into one of them.

I'm not even going to tell you when I'll return
because it will be in SEPTEMBER
and I can't bear to say the "S" word . . .

well, since I've already said it,

Small Works will return September 8.

(No worries -- I'll be back.)


Allie said...

I like this. A lot. Susan, this post perfectly describes my paralyzing fear of [not] flying. And to think I used to love it....

Have a wonderful time, girl. I adore your little birdies and I am going to miss your wit while you're gone.

whimseycreations said...

I'm with you - worked for the airlines for over 30 years and now I hate to fly. And I never thought about it being called the TERMINAL! THANKS A LOT! LOLOLOL

VO said...

I like to fly. I'm sorry you don't. But glad you do anyway.

My husband won't fly, so we're restricted to going places by car. Kind of a bummer because you can't drive to Paris.

Have fun with your sister and enjoy the last of summer with guac and chips and everything else in between.

Pam said...

Have a great time -looking forward to hearing all about it.

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