We're goin' ridin' on the Freeway of Love . . . Wind's against our back . . .

What happens every September around this time, and has nothing whatsoever to do with TERRORISM?

It's our Wedding Anniversary!
(Although I find it a little terrifying that
we've been married 28 years already.)

Although we were considerably younger
and more foolish at the time,

at least we were smart enough to choose each other.

Whenever I think of the things that might have been

it only makes me more grateful for what IS.

Because most days, our particular story
seems to be much more like this

than like this.

And what a delightful trip it's been
so far!

Salt Lake City,
Minneapolis . . .

Although it sounds like pinball, the road has taken us to some pretty interesting destinations and past some amazing sights.

Sure, there's been a bump or two,

but so far only the kind that have made us
say "wheeeee!" and keep right on driving.

Best of all, we invited some of
our favorite people along for the ride,

which has made it even more
entertaining and rewarding.

I just hope we can keep traveling together
for a long, long time. . .

In fact, let's just make it forever.



VO said...

Ahhhhh. Sweet. Happy Anniversary!

Chelsea said...

that was absolutely wonderful! happy anniversary mom and dad!!

Judy said...

Great post. Our anniversary is coming up Sunday. 30 years. We are doing the conventional thing and flying to Denver so we can climb a mountain in what looks like it will be thunderstorms on Saturday. Then we're eating buffalo ribs and buffalo marrow and rocky mountain oysters somewhere. It's so Bob. He is really going to owe me after this one!

luanne said...

happy anniversary! love your then & now photos, so cute. looking back, isn't it amazing how fast the years pass, so much life packed into what sometimes feels like the blink of an eye, though it definitely didn't always seem so as we lived it.

congrats & wishing you many more fun years together.

susan m hinckley said...

Thanks, all -- although Russ was in Philadelphia for most of it, it was still an enjoyable anniversary.

Judy -- you get the good wife award. I think you get to plan the parties for years 31-39. Have a fun trip and best wishes for many more (including destinations of your choice!)

LuAnne -- Couldn't resist that funny graduation picture. Sometimes I feel like it's speeding past, but then I look at pictures like that and realize we obviously didn't get here overnight. Hopefully someday we'll look at the "now" photos and muse, "we were so young!"

Allie said...


abi said...

Happy Anniversary! So I was really 5 years old when you got married? I just really don't remember much about your wedding at all. I sort of remember Steves. Was his before or after? I love that first drawing, did you do it?

susan m hinckley said...

Abi -- Steve's wedding was in June and ours was in September, so theoretically if you remember his you should remember ours. You're right -- hard to believe you were 5!

I love that first drawing also -- of course I didn't do it (if I did, I wouldn't love it). It came from an old magazine. Saturday Evening Post, ca. 1950.

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